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  1. It would give the ability to see the type of tanker or lead at a glance on the radar as in real world. Examples: T72 = Tanker 72 Cal Fire T34 = Tanker 34 Coulson C-130 (LAT) T910 = Tanker 910 DC-10 (LAT) T944 = Tanker 944 Boeing 747 (VLAT) H401 = Helicopter 401 Cal Fire (Type 2) H731 = Helicopter 731 Erickson (Type 1) AA240 = Lead 240 Cal Fire Each label would then give better situational awareness.
  2. Ok, i just hoped this could be solved by an ini-file option. It's not a big problem though, as the id's can be tracked by using the scratch pad Thanks Michael
  3. I have just purchased AITrackerX and this addon seems to use ATC ID for AI Traffic, but somehow FFX generates it's own ATC ID numberseries? Naming via input field is only "nice to have", but it would be great if naming was the same in FFX as in AITX. Either way i appreciate all your work and support in FFX. Thanks Michael
  4. Is it possible to set up naming of the dispatched AI to be identical to ATC ID from aircraft.cfg and not the generic FFXAI-XX ? Or to be named directly like in AITrackerX ? Thanks Michael
  5. Thanks, FFX is the primary reason i am in flight simulation.
  6. If possible it would be really nice to have a hotkey in the lead plane to release the following tanker. Thanks Michael
  7. Anyone interested in an MCE integration for Captain Sim C-130 please add to this thread. Thanks Michael
  8. Does a paintkit exist for the CH-47 Chinook? Thanks Michael
  9. Hi Tym Thanks a lot. Just what i need 😊 Michael
  10. I have no idea how many, but Aerosoft stopped creating scenery for FS9 at one point because the sales were absolutely abysmal.
  11. This may seem as an odd question. Is it possible in any GPS setup (standard or payware) to make a circular flightplan (or hold) using custom waypoints? The circle would probably be anywhere from 1-3 miles in diameter (or racetrack length). This could either be a full circle or racetrack hold. Thanks Michael
  12. Switched to another USB port and now it's working. Weird. Thanks Michael
  13. No, it's the VRinsight Tact&Toggle, which functions like a USB pad and i have been able to assign keys to before P3D v4.5.
  14. My Vrinsight TT-panel does not show up under Joysticks? Thanks Michael
  15. Can Active Sky replace CumulusX for gliding in P3D ? Thanks Michael
  16. Can anyone recommend a Force Feedback joystick for P3D (not HOTAS).
  17. Thank you for the tips. Does it work ok with the PMDG time compression for long hauls? I would think it necessary on certain points in a long haul flight to contact yourself and switch off FO mode?
  18. Has anyone experience and/or recommendations with VoxATC and changing Simulation rate in P3D (Time acceleration) ? Thanks Michael
  19. I am on the fence buying the S340 and I have heard similar stories like the one above. Can anyone confirm this behaviour in severe turbulence?
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