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  1. Just downloading. Won't be my main driver for awhile, but I do want to test the heck out of it.
  2. It was the Aerosoft Airbus and that wasn't the issue. But the reddit flightsim discord solved it. For futurological purposes, the issue was solved by regenerating prepar3d.cfg and camera-related .cfg's.
  3. Hello all, I have such a weird problem with my fresh P3Dv4 install that it's been too hard to even explain, so I made a video about it. I hope you guys have ideas as to how to fix it, since I'm stumped.
  4. Do you know if PMDG has disabled installing this, because that would be an outrageously offensive move in my opinion. I've triple checked I have all the correct information entered to the installer, but it just says it can't be validated. Have other folks tried recently?
  5. Oh, after a brief moment of how to work around this, it seems the download links are still valid. So getting them from here seems to work: http://web.archive.org/web/20161025155402/http://pmdg.com/pages/downloads/liveries.html I'll download a bunch immediately since who knows how long that'll work. Pii Anttonen
  6. I was pretty miffed to see this myself. I understand that a product cycle is what it is and you can't keep things going forever. But it was annoying to see them just vanish without a warning since the older one is a perfectly flyable and functional airplane. It would've been nice if they could've just dumped them somewhere if they don't want to host them. I am not in any financial situation to pay almost 100$ for an upgrade either, so it feels like a kick in the teeth for a loyal customer to just make them go poof. (I mean, it looks like it's a damned impressive upgrade, but it's still just an upgrade. I don't need two different functional 747's and I'm not planning on putting down a full price for it.) Pii Anttonen
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