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  1. I first installed P3D v4.4 and it worked flawlessly. Then FS2Crew (voice and button) updated to v1.3. Now I get the error message "SDK Error.
  2. Hi Byork, Thanks for your quick response, I downloaded a file with the modification date of January 4, 2019. Too bad the version number is missing but you can not have everything. Sincerely, Emiel Koestal
  3. I have the original version of FS2Crew: PMDG 747 QOTS II (voice and button operation) and I get the message that there is an update V1.3. I also read that VERSION 1.3 RELEASED! 1.3 IS BUILT INTO THE MAIN INSTALLER ONLY! After that I am lost. I try to update via the SECONDARY PANE but this does not work either. Also, I can not find good instruction for this update. Where did I miss something? Sincerely, Emiel Koestal
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