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  1. Hi. I have the same graphics card as you, but also have the same blurry instrument panels. Can you please post your graphics settings for FlyInside? Thanks.
  2. Is there any way to get the Saitek multi panel and radio panel to work with the G1000? If not, what other hardware do you guys recommend for controlling the G1000? Preferably something in the non-commercial use price range. Surely you guys aren't tuning those knobs by mouse and pointer right?
  3. That's really unfortunate. We take the time to build an expensive flight sim rig for high end graphics, only to have to turn off shadows. Anyone else with success on fixing this shadow issue?
  4. Can you guys tell me why I have flickering shadows? I am running Prepar3d v3.1 with a 980Ti latest drivers. Nothing has been modified in the Prepar3d.cfg. It seems that the shadows have pretty bad flicker unless zoomed in at 0.50 and beyond. I've already tried reinstalling Prepar3d and Nvidia drivers. I've lowered the graphic settings in Prepar3d as well and the flickers still persist, just at a lower quality. Is this just a V3.1 issue? Graphic settings are at the end of the video. (flickering is worst at the beginning of the video)
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