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  1. Hi Roland - Love the programs, especially the AI ground functionality. Just a quick heads up with AI flow - I have noticed that if you have the bad AI approach filter (too high filter) on - it will also redirect the user's plane if it thinks you are too high. As I've been approaching into PANC, my route takes me over the airport at 17000ft or so and loop back around to the runway. With bad AI filter disabled, no issue. But when enabled, it takes over the user aircraft putting it at full speed away from the airport.
  2. So after a lot of testing I think using the AIflow with AIground are the best option. Tried using AIcontroller but had a lot of weird issues like planes literally getting stuck in mid air. Just a suggestion with AI flow - rather then planes that encounter the ground before the runway leaving the area - is there any possible way to get them back on track rebounding them to 2500 - 3000ft or so allowing them to land properly? No idea if this is even possible. Also what is interesting is I have used UTlive in the past (switched over to AIG recently after unknown problems stopping ai spawning at BIKF) - but I have noticed that the aircraft all spawn into the sim approx. 50nm or so away at much lower altitudes than standard BGL. files leading to less errors. - AIflow though helped me then as less spawn errors meant more go arounds.
  3. I'll have a go at this - been trying to get it working all day but the ai are not being assigned a runway when they exit the star so they dance around for a bit and go around. Have you managed to get the enhanced mode working?
  4. How did you get it working in V4? I just keep getting scenery.cfg errors
  5. Yeah I have HF3 installed already - But I've started again installing it onto the same hard drive as P3D. I will let the sim run for half hour or so and report back. Love the program by the way 😄
  6. Thank you for your advice - I will try this one out in a mo. I've been testing the monitor radius by reducing that to 18000 - just about where the final starts so planes start their rotation there, which seems to work relatively well - although I'll try your suggestions. Also - does anyone else get this weird bug where planes land way too early. For example I see a couple landing 20nm out and bob along the ground until eventually reaching the runway. This happens even after the 15 min cool down time. Again I find this at EGLL. Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this bug. Thanks
  7. Hi fellow captains I was wondering if anyone has worked out the 'best settings' for busy airports such as EGLL. I've tried out reducing the reality bubble as I found the AI flow was making several inbound flights go forever around in a circle.
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