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    I'm 22 years old. I have always had a passion for aviation and have spent the past year with Fly UK virtual Airways.
  1. I have removed all ORBX folders and removed P3D in a bid to start from scratch. Prior to this everything was in the correct place as per the manual which I can probably recite in my sleep
  2. I have been having a ton of issues with ORBX and open LC. My add ons are: FTX Global - 1.41 OpenLC Europe - 1.31 FTX England 1.60 Latest ORBX Libs downloaded directly from ORBX last night. I have never had an issues with ORBX but after a HDD failure I had to reinstall P3D. After reinstalling ORBX i have these issues. I'll attach a photo. https://ibb.co/dwuizQ Does anyone have any suggestions as I have run out of ideas. I have reinstalled oall ORBX products. I have migrated with the troubleshooter showing no errors. Any help would be great.
  3. It also appears after deleting the UT2 Aircraft folder from my sim object list the issue has stopped (bar 2 or 3 aircraft still). However I dont understand how this is the case as its just a list of aircraft and I uninstalled the program so not sure how this could be the fix for it? Can anyone shed light on this or am I just hoping this is what fixed it lol
  4. That was my thought at first so I decided t fly from OMDB - EGLL which took just over 7 hours, when I landed a Heathrow I had the same issue :( They were all 1% in AIFP.
  5. I get what you mean now, Good job I have a week off work *grabs coffee* Thanks for the help.
  6. Ah ok, that doesn't apply to me in this case but thanks for letting me know for future reference :)
  7. Hey Bill, When you say reduce the number of flight plans do you mean deleting individual plans from inside AIFP? :)
  8. Ahh I didn't know this. I always tend to use summer 2016 where I can find them but if not I do use Winter 2016. Maybe this might be causing it. The only thing I'm still sctraching my head about is when I posted on the Fly UK forums one of the members said to me to check to see if I had duplicate flight plans for the same airlines (which I did, about 2 actually) anyway my issue is its different airlines too close together. Say I could have a BA A320 and then 10 feet behind that would be a Croatia Airlines airbus.
  9. The 787's are already at gates, you wouldn't see them as this was taken facing the runway. I dont create any of my own flight plans, I use woai packages and then I download AIG and AIA flight plans from the Avsim Library, I then go on to download models and textures then using AIFP I put them all together. For example I downloaded Thomsons 787 model and texture from United Traffic team. I then downloaded the Thomson flight plan from Avsim Library and using AIFP i put them all together.
  10. I completely uninstalled ultimate traffic 2 and any folders left behind so not sure why this is happening tbh.
  11. So i am currently using WOAI and AIFP side by side to create my AI traffic as its easier to add the 787 and A350 as well as creating my own flight plans. Anyway its taken me around 2 months to add what I have done and I really dont want to have to do an uninstall and start from scratch. When I used Ultimate traffic 2 I had my sliders set a max and had no issues like this. I'm not sure if I have missed something or not but all the traffic seems to be landing at the same time. (well 1 aircraft lands and about 8 go around) Anyway I have reduced my sliders to 15% and again still no luck. A lot of empty parking spaces and a ton of aircraft circling the airport. This is really wearing my patience thin so any help would be greatly appreciated. Please see the attached photo to see what I mean.
  12. I decided to ditch UT2 and use WOAI and update liveries and flight plans manually which has worked fine for a week or so. However now I am seeing at most airports aircraft overlapping each other while taxing, landing and parking. I have no idea whats gone so wrong.
  13. I am attempting to install UTT Thomson 787. I have downloaded the model and repaint and created a test flight plan from EGCC - EGKK and back again but I have no AI 787 appearing. I have followed the instructions from http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?289805-Created-AIFP-AI-Flights-not-appearing and still have no luck.
  14. Hey, I am trying to add Thomson's 787 to my AI using AI flight planner to create a flight plan. I have followed all the instructions i found online and for some reason I just cannot get the 787 to appear. Has anyone added the 787 successfully? I have spent a long time updating liveries for Easy Jet, Thomas Cook and Thomson and my final goal was to add the 787 to the Thomson fleet but I have hit a dead end.
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