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  1. I see the best answer posted but not sure if it applies to me since I don't have a PE Client and can't find any option of putting a window "always on top" Everytime I join up a server, the screen is always black, I have to alt-tab and run in window mode. I have a triple monitor setup and don't want to resort to using only one monitor, ruins the experience. How can I get it fixed? Does the fact that I have skype open is an issue?
  2. the thing is with dx9 the monitors run normally, only on that dx10 preview on is when I encounter this. Back when I had two monitors, this would also happen where fsx starts on my second monitor rather than the primary.
  3. One problem I have when running the DX10: when running the triple monitor setting, my far right monitor always starts off with a black screen. To fix it I have to turn it on and off again so the picture appears or go into a menu option temporary like FSUIPC and go back and then it turns on again. It's quite annoying, that's why I bought the DX10 2.11 Fixer in hopes it would fix it, but it didn't. Anyone else have a workaround this? My 3 monitors are all the same resolution 1920x1080, combined to be 5760x1080 Graphics card: EVGA Geforce 780 TI, driver updated.Please assist, thank you.
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