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  1. Hi, I just noticed that flight plan function on GPS units on all my standard FSX planes are not working. Both G500 and G1000. If I have no flight plan loaded before starting the flight and FPL is pressed on the GPS the inner and outer knobs do nothing. Same for the cursor (middle) button. Same thing happens on G1000. Is there a fix? I am using FSX-SE and Win7x64. I would post a screen shot but I am getting errors. Pay ware planes seem to work.
  2. Hi Ron. You have helped me quite a bit before, so thank you for that. Sorry I did not realise I was not supposed to post this here. But I went to the forums on Flight1. I registered a similar query with B200 but do not see any links to Citation X 2.0. I also tried to get support on the Mustang but I get a message that I do not have "sufficient permissions" to do so. I am getting desperate.
  3. Hi, I have just installed Citation X 2.0. I am running Win7 64bit and FSX-SE. The engines are running, avionics switch is on, plane is in hot config but all MFD's and PFD's are blank. All 5 screens. Has this been a problem for anyone else? Thank you for your help, Bart
  4. Fixed. If anyone is having this problem, see: http://www.eaglesoftdg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=824&sid=a7c76ff80981af12a28a4f576b75ec14 and http://www.eaglesoftdg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1185&p=6151#p6151 Thanks for your help Ron
  5. Sorry. I gave that a try but have been waiting for login approval and I am getting desperate. I thought perhaps someone knows a quick solution.
  6. Thank you. Since I posted I found a lot of chats about the unsupported SE. I'll look around the forum. Maybe I'll get it to work. Cheers.
  7. Hello Everyone, My Eaglesoft CX MFD's just wont turn on. Stays blank no matter what I do. I have power switched on but all five are blank. I am pretty sure it is not the aircraft setup. Even if I place the plane on the runway where all systems should be on the displays are blank. Out of desperation I bought current Navigraph FMS data which predictably did't help. Has anyone come across this problem? I run FSX Steam Edition. thanks for your help. Bart
  8. Hi Peter, I have the same problem. Exactly the same. Bought J41 yesterday. I have FSX Steam + Saitek 52Pro on 64bit Windows 7. The installation did not even ask me for a product key. I tried free FSUIPC, no FSUIPC and then I bought the latest FSUIPC 4. No difference at all. Unplugging the joystick make no difference either. The plane is inoperable. Can anyone help?
  9. Hello everyone. I bought the J41 yesterday. Installation did not ask me for product key which I thought was strange. I run FSX Steam on 64bit Win7 with Saitek 52Pro. The throttle and pitch quadrants are inoperable. Moving the joystick throttle, F keys and mouse operation do not move the leavers but the engine seems to respond. I tried all could think off. I am desperate. The latch release buttons (red) do not work and unfeather pump switch makes no difference.. I had free version of FSUIPC. Then I uninstalled it - problem persists. Then I bought FSUIPC4 still no difference. I tried unplugging the joystick and not running the Saitek plugin but still no change. Can anyone help with some advice? Thank you, Bart
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