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  1. Hi 1. Tried KLEB DCT CNH DCT KERSY KCON Same problem that rickgo had. I switched to another Boston freq and was handed off and completed the flight. 2. Tried LFML > LEPA Taxi was incorrect route, ground did not hand me off to twr (even when i did some off roading) atc stopped about half way through the flight when they handed me off to ATC center and no reply. 3. Tried WMKK >WSSS X-plane crashed when i loaded the FMS? (not P2A problem) strange. Having fun, keep up the great work and more test flights.
  2. Hi Dave, Did not notice the new tab in config, exporting to fms works fine. Thanks
  3. Exporting flight plans to X-Plane FMS using Sid's or Star's in the flight plan will only give you one way point and on one occasion it crashed x-plane. Creating a flight plan without sid's or star's it exports just fine. Also when contacting ATC at level flight using {at Altitude} does not work no response from ATC, have to use {climbing to assigned altitude} or {descending to assigned altitude} this bug has been in since v4.0.0.1 Great work was having a lot of fun with v4.0.0.3
  4. So is Pilot2ATC V2 ready for beta? Can't wait really enjoy V1. Keep up the great work.
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