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  1. GraMcN

    Any Interest in having LINDA modified to support CDU II

    While I do not own any VR Insight equipment, I have the utmost appreciation for Andrew, Guenter, and others who have so freely provided support, maintenance, and development for Linda and its modules. Using Linda has immensely enhanced the enjoyment of the flight sim for me. How about opening up your fund raising idea into something broader like a "Linda Appreciation" month? Perhaps with a goal of 1,000 Euros? Graham
  2. GraMcN

    fsimstudios CYYC, patch question

    Instructions appear a few screens into the installation process. You need to point it to the "...\data" folder of your CYYC installation. Something like "X:\FSX\SimMarket\FSimStudios Calgary YYC FSX\data". Try running the update again, but go carefully through each screen and you should be good to go. Graham
  3. GraMcN


    I have the same issue for the left yoke. Thank you for the temporary fix. Graham McNicol
  4. Hi Hans, I suggest you check out LINDA. Together with FSUIPC, it has made assigning buttons so much easier for me. You can find the link to it in the Avsim forum here: Graham McNicol
  5. Hello Scot, Yes, I am pretty certain SPAD is not running. As I understand it, SPAD is started either manually or when the OS starts by checking off the option in SPAD. I use neither for this aircraft. While preparing to run the _log as per your suggestion, I thought I would setup the "MJCD8_CheckGearPos" function on an empty momentary switch “on repeat” since it had worked with the gear lever as per post #4. On a check flight, I discovered that after the "MJCD8_CheckGearPos" function was invoked once by this switch, subsequent cycling of the gear resulted in the gear lights working as advertised without further use of this switch. Reassigning the "MJCD8_CheckGearPos" to the rotary switch, which I use for engine start-up (on repeat while engine 2 starts, then released), now achieves the same thing. Here are the rotary switch assignments in my config-hid.lua file: JSTK["06A30D670"][14]="Engine_Eng2_Off" JSTK["06A30D670"][15]="Engine_Eng2_Norm" JSTKrl["06A30D670"][15]="Engine_Eng1_Off" JSTK["06A30D670"][16]="Select_Eng2_and_start" JSTKrp["06A30D670"][16]="MJCD8_CheckGearPos" JSTKrl["06A30D670"][16]="Engine_Select_Neutral" JSTK["06A30D670"][17]="Engine_Eng1_Norm" JSTK["06A30D670"][18]="Select_Eng1_and_start" So for now I believe this should work for me. I think I should be able to get back to flying. :smile: Thank you for your patience and great guidance. Graham McNicol
  6. Hi Scot, Thank you for your explanation. Since I can get the green/red’s to function manually, does this suggest there is something amiss with the function Timer () not referencing the "MJCD8_CheckGearPos" function properly? This is what I see immediately below the "function MJCD8_CheckGearPos ()” section in the action.lua file: function Timer () Tcount = Tcount + 1 --_log('[awg] Tcount = ' .. Tcount) -- FD MJC_APstate = MJCD8_Read(31281) if MJC_APstate ~= 0 then DspFD(1) else DspFD(0) end -------------- MJCD8_VS_Show () MJCD8_ALT_Show () MJCD8_HDG_Show () MJCD8_SPD_Show () MJC_FlightInfo () MJCD8_CheckGearPos() end Does this look correct? Graham McNicol
  7. Well after much trial and successive errors, I stumbled on a fix that is working for me. I added "MJCD8_CheckGearPos" on the switch repeat in my config-hid.lua file. The last 4 lines now look like this: D:\1MS FSX\Modules\linda-cfg\aircrafts\Majestic Dash 8 Q-400\config-hid.lua . . . JSTK["06A30D670"][19]="Other_GearHandle_up" JSTKrp["06A30D670"][19]="MJCD8_CheckGearPos" JSTK["06A30D670"][20]="Other_GearHandle_down" JSTKrp["06A30D670"][20]="MJCD8_CheckGearPos" Is this the proper and required setup? Graham McNicol
  8. Hi Scotflieger, Thank you for your welcome and quick reply. Yes, the switches on the Saitek Switch Panel are all working. I checked the default Beechcraft Baron 58 and the more complex PMDG 777 and both work with LINDA and the Switch Panel with the gear lights showing 3 greens/3 reds. I am not sure what siapanel.exe is but I ran process explorer throughout today’s test with LINDA alone then together with SPAD-on and it did not appear. I have never installed any Saitek software. Would it be useful to provide the contents from the LINDA Console log? (It did not show any errors in red.) Regarding LINDA not reading the switch status until one switch is operated, I wonder if this is common with these kind of devices? I have to move a switch on my CH Throttle Quadrant, press the brake axis on the CH Rudder pedals, and twist the joystick (z-axis) used for ground steering to “wake” them up. But I look at it as part of the pre-flight routine. Best regards, Graham McNicol
  9. I have been using and am enjoying learning about LINDA since last fall primarily for Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter Extended and PMDG 777. Setups were done through a combination of FSX, FSUIPC, SPAD, and LINDA. I recently purchased the MJC8Q400 and things are set up mostly through LINDA and without using SPAD. My problem is that I only get solid green lights on the Saitek Switch Panel landing gear indicator LED’s. My hardware consists of MS FFB2 Sidewinder, CH Pro Pedals, CH Throttle Quadrant, TrackIr and Saitek Switch Panel with all USB’s connected directly into my computer. Software summary: Windows 7-64 FSX SP2 MJC8Q400 Pro 1.018 FSUIPC V4.948 registered SPAD V0.5.1 (not loaded for this aircraft) LINDA 2.6.7 LINDA module Majestic Dash 8 Q-400 version 2.3 I did see a few others with this issue on the forum but do not recall seeing how it was resolved. I would be grateful for any assistance in getting the LED’s working properly with the MJC8Q400. Best regards, Graham McNicol (near CYKZ, Canada)