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  1. Thank you much mjrhealth! Appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for the response. Although some of your typos have rendered your comments cryptic at best (no insult intended), I think I got the gist of what you said. However, in "Flight Deck 4" which I have used with FS2004, the aircraft which are already on deck are not static. You can catapult using the aircraft that are already on deck. That is why I'm thinking of installing "Flight Deck 6" in my FSX-SE. However, I believe I should uninstall "ai carriers2" before installing "Flight Deck 6" and I'm not sure of how to go about doing that in order to insure a "clean" uninstall.
  3. I installed Lamont Clark's AI Carriers2 but find that I can land an airplane on the Nimitz or Eisenhower with arrestor cable but I cannot catapult the same aircraft using the catapult (there is no functional catapult). Also, no AI aircraft appear on the deck of the carriers! I cannot find a solution to this problem and Lamont Clark is nowhere to be found (doesn't answer his email). If there is no solution, then I would probably install Flight Deck 6 which I do have. Can anyone help? I would be grateful. If I should uninstall before installing Flight Deck 6, then how should I go about doing that? Thanks in advance. roglav
  4. I have installed many AI (woa) aircraft using the woa installer. How do you install FAIB aircraft in FSX-SE? Thanks! roglav
  5. I have installed many AI files from Avsim (American, Delta, United, JetBlue etc on my FSX-SE with no problem. I tried to install South West Airlines and I couldn't ever see any SW aircraft in any of the numerous airports I've selected including such airports such as Dallas-Ft. Worth, Atlanta, JFK, O'hare, Logan. When I try to reinstall South West I get a message telling me that "WOA-FAIB-FSX-B737-300-W-SWA Southwest Airlines Arizona one" or "Cal one" are missing. I have checked my AI files in my Airplanes folder and those files are present and have content. How can I get AI South West to load? roglav
  6. I have WoA_AIA, AIG, FAIB and TFS files installed on FSX-SE. I would like to install "Traffic 360" and avoid any conflicts with the WoA Ai files presently on my FSX. Can I simply delete the WoA Ai files from my FSX.......\Sim Objects\Airplane folder? Thanks in advance! roglav
  7. I used AVSIM downloads a long time ago with FS2002 & 2004. I have recently installed FSX Steam and have re-joined AVSIM. I'm looking to download a few things and the Woains24 tells me that I need NET Framework 2.0. I am running Win 10 on a new computer. 10 came with the computer. Do I need NET Framework 2.0 or do I already have it? If I need it, what version do I download X64 or X86 or ia64? I'm running 64 bits. Thanks! Lift
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