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  1. Some things is working, but it needs a new version to work normal i think, so i have dropped it.
  2. i have managed to get it working with 800 version with orgininal lights. but needs a lot of testing.
  3. Hello! Just only asking, is the team working on update for the 747?? Regards, Truls Petter!
  4. Hello! I am not talking about the strobe lights, i know they are flashing correctly as they do realistic, but the Beacon lights are much slower and should flashes much more quicker.
  5. Beacon lights is not flashing realistic as they do in real life. Will it be fixed? Regards, Truls Petter
  6. Hello! today i was going to take a flight from CYYZ-LOWW with 747-8, started up P3dV4 and got into the cockpit and suddenly i see a Chewbacca sticker on the flightyoke with the text "Chewbacca is my copilot" and i started to laugh about it and think its very funny. but when i was going to show my son it was gone, serveral times i have loaded the aircraft but no stickers again, is this a bug or a easter egg from PMDG?? Thx for a super Aircraft:) Regards, Truls Petter Elven
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