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  1. May I ask whether I should just overwrite the current files leaving the tiles folder alone or is there a better way? George
  2. Thank you so much - issue resolved.
  3. With the latest release of Windows I am getting the following error message - No ACF Loader - Please reinstall Gizmo - any ideas?
  4. I have now rolled back the Windows version and reverted to a saved cgf file - however the effect on the graphics having carried out a Steam check integrity now means a full FSX:SE reinstall which is a real pain because of REX, ORBX and all the many airport add-ons I have. The only consolation will be the clean install...
  5. I have rolled back my version of Windows but am still having issues with PMDG Aircraft since downloading the latest updates to the 737 fleet. - FSX:SE just crashes? I would like to try a complete renewal of the PMDG suite may I ask for assistance please on how this should be completed - i.e. complete renewal and reinstallation?
  6. otooleg

    MBAMService Blocking Update Process

    Well that's strange - fixed on re-boot?
  7. otooleg

    MBAMService Blocking Update Process

    Help! Happening to me this morning - how was it resolved? George
  8. otooleg

    NGX download issues

    George O'Toole I regret that I am having the same issue when I go to my account and try to download the 737-NGX 800 AND 600 versions I get the following error message: <Error> <Code>NoSuchKey</Code> <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key>PMDG_737_8900_NGX.ZIP</Key> <RequestId>37A6B564CDF140B7</RequestId> <HostId> UTa+Ptu3bloONnonAOGflBrbM6W7uTfUiVE8qB1vRzRD/SPge/foX2m2mwITki1w+HIxWNWEKcc= </HostId> </Error> Help Please?
  9. otooleg

    FMC NAV Data

    Thanks question answered.
  10. otooleg

    FMC NAV Data

    Advice on how to update the Navigraph Data in the FMC of both PMDG 737 and 747?
  11. otooleg

    Boeing 747-8 Series

    Issue resolved. The instructions were, in my opinion not very clear. Although I followed the instructions to copy out a file - replacing one for XP 10, it wasn't clear that you then had to remove the folder and file that you utilised? Anyway - fixed now! George
  12. I wonder if anyone has had issues loading the Boeing 747-8 Series to X-Plane 11? I just downloaded the software from the X-Plane Store and on loading get an error message regarding missing airfoil file? Not a good start for a new download? Any experience? I have reported it to the developer by e-mail. George
  13. Have to agree that it would help if someone like ORBX would build the scenery for X-Plane as to be honest it is vastly superior even to anything they produce currently. George
  14. otooleg


    Getting good frame rates at the moment - 50+