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  1. It comes from an acquaintance of mine. That solution worked for him.
  2. Here is a fix for those of you having that problem with the CLN VOR. Open C:\P3D\ORBX\Scripts\unified\regions\terrain_global_v.cfg and deactivate the following line in 6 of 91: //Effect=ORBX_wavecontroller Now it should look like this: // ORBX FTXG_V custom vectors 6 of 91 [Texture.XXX] Name=FTXG_V_Shoreline_Ocean_Vectors Color=FFC0C000 guid={0a7ef90e-4440-490a-93c8-19e43e9aa3bf} Textures=FTXG_V_shore_ocean_su.bmp,FTXG_V_shore_ocean_hw.bmp,FTXG_V_shore_ocean_su.bmp,FTXG_V_shore_ocean_su.bmp,FTXG_V_shore_ocean_su.bmp Layout=3_PLUS_4 StripWidthMeters=30 //Effect=ORBX_wavecontroller LandClassRemapType=none ExcludeAutogen=Yes RenderToTexture=Yes RenderPriority=93000 Water=No Now launch FTX Central and wait for some seconds. Then launch the sim and try it out by flying around EGSQ airport.
  3. No problem mate, you could have been right!
  4. That‘s right, in my case I‘ve never experienced stutters in that area, but the freezes. I would say the stutters are caused by a weak system or wrong settings while the solution for the freezes can be found on the software side.
  5. Stutters are normal if your system is not that good as the UK region costs a lot of performance. My problem was caused by an issue with SODE so even with a high end pc I would have had that problem.
  6. Try that what solved my problem, it may help you too. So far I've been using 1.5.2 and I downloaded the newest version 1.5.3, so I have no idea what exactly caused that problem for me if you had the same issue with the newest version.
  7. I've found the solution. I uninstalled SODE, started the sim, no more freezes. Then i downloaded the newest version from their website, installed it, started P3D and now I'm having no more problems. I don't know why, but it works.
  8. Yeah as I said, the performance is not a problem. Thank you very much for telling your experience, I‘ll try it out with SODE disabled.
  9. But why does not everyone have that bug?
  10. Grr, really annoying. Would‘t have thought that it‘s such a major problem.
  11. If it had to do with the system, I‘d have stutterint frames, but the frames are perfect! Also the GPU Load is only 60% at Heathrow. The problem is the following: 33FPS, then freezing screen for some seconds, and then again 33FPS. That can‘t be a hardware related problem.
  12. All kind of traffic is turned off. That might be a solution, but not for me, because also when starting the sim at Heathrow with one of the default aircraft I‘m having that issue. Thank you for that long comment. First of all, I‘ve turned things like dynamic lighting for Heathrow in the config tool on and off, still the same issue. My frames are constantly running at 33 FPS (locked at 33FPS) at Heathrow with the 747, so it‘s a great value for me. My AA settings are 4xSSAA and the Anisotropic Filtering is set to 16, but that value doesn‘t affect the performance very much. My other settings are also not too high, I’ve tested that many times. I still don‘t think my hardware or my settings is the problem, the frames are perfect, it‘s just that freezing which must be something software related in my opinion like an addon which is broken. If it were a hardware or settings problem, it would also affect the frame rate, which is not the case. I hope you understand what I mean.
  13. I flew the Pmdg 747, but in my opinion it can‘t be a hardware problem because I would have had that problem in other areas with addon scenery as well in that case. That sounds good. Currently no other UK scenery than MA London is installed, but I remember that I had the same problem with UK2000 Gatwick some weeks ago and that I uninstalled the scenery because of that. Do you mean I have to disable SODE completely?
  14. GTX 980TI i5 6600K not overclocked 32GB memory
  15. Hi all, I've had v4 for a month now and its worked great until yesterday. While approaching London Heathrow airport the sim started to freeze every 20 secs for a period of 20 secs. I see the loading circle and then it comes back. I'm using Aerosoft's MA Heathrow Professional, but also with the scenery deactivated in the scenery library I'm having that issue . I've tried this in other built up areas such as New York and Amsterdam but it's fine there. I've tried moving all sliders down and reinstalling all addon scenery and resetting config as well as updating drivers. Nothing worked so far. Any ideas anyone? Thanks
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