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  1. Hi, I have just bought an enhanced sound package for the ngx from tss and they mention that it is recommended that some pmdg sounds from the cockpit be disabled as they drown out the sound of the engines. I must admit that the fan sounds are all I can hear when flying. unfortunately they don't say how this can be achieved. I did find some cockpit sound files in the SOUNDS/VARIOUS folder but I don't know which is which. has anyone done this sort of thing before? thanks
  2. Hi all, I am using some ch pro pedals within the p3d v4.1 sim. I also have SPAD NX which I use to calibrate all my controls and Saitek panels. FSUIPC is also running (paid version). I have the (enable controllers) in the p3d options unchecked. the problem is that when I steer the aircraft left or right by pushing the pedals, the wheel turns but then straightens up again as soon as my foot stops moving, so if I push the pedals full left, and then hold my position, the wheel straightens up until I waggle my foot a bit which makes it turn again until I stop moving and it straightens up again. its not holding a value for some reason. looks like I am practicing riverdance when I need to make a sharp turn. any ideas please. Thanks for looking.
  3. Sorted. It was the wrong AFCAD file. It was using the Orbx one so I deleted that and it found the uk2000 file which is on another drive. I bought 5 uk2000 airports in their last sale so I bet it will be the same for them as well. thanks guys
  4. Nope. Still asks me where I want to park. Tried starting a scenario at Manchester gate 8 tonight and tried gsx for pushback but asked did I want to park in parking or go to runway. Cant understand
  5. Hi all i am using GSX ground services by fsdt in P3dv4 when I start a scenario I use a Dash and pick the aircraft to be at Gate 8 at EGNM by uk2000 the Dash is parking brake on and engines off. When I ask for GSX the menu is asking if I want to park at parking or a gate. I can’t seem to get the pushback menu. even if I choose gate 8 from the menu that does appear, it says a Marshall is on his way but he never arrives. when first going into the scenario I want the menu for loading, fuelling and pushback. anyone have any ideas thanks in advance
  6. Hi All As the title says, I have used Run Manager to start ASN, Flying School, Chaseplane etc but I cant see how I can get them to run as administrator. I know I can pause their start and get them to shut down after the sim closes but some of the programs I want to run as admin, definitely fs flight school. is this possible? thanks
  7. Sorry about that, wrong Cessna, I meant the stock X-Plane one. Thanks for that, I can understand the above. Is there a config file that can be deleted so it can generate a new one?
  8. This evening I took out my 5930k and replaced it with my new 6950x. I also have a 1080 ti ftw3 graphics card and 32mb of 2400 ddr4 so it is not a crawling machine. The 5930k was o/c to 4.5ghz and I managed to get the 6950x up to 4.2ghz on first attempt. Before I removed my old chip I tested X-Plane 11 with it, all settings maxed out with me sat in the A2A 182 in San Francisco int, looking out of the window showing 25 FPS on my msi afterburner readout. i swapped the chips and set the exact same situation up and behold, 19 FPS any ideas please. thanks ps. Water cooled system and no cores showing over 30 - 40% load
  9. Oh I see. Thanks Pete, but if I have installed all this Orbx scenery using the supplied Ftx central, why does my sim look so dreadful and nothing like it should. There are no green fields of England, just large rectangular pieces of water, green tree like patterns etc and all 2d apart from some box like buildings near the runways. It's nothing like the utube videos of UK scenery.
  10. Thanks guys. But i still don't understand who or what is supposed to decide which entry in the scenery config file Is showing REQUIRED =TRUE OR FALSE. i am assuming that Orbx puts the entry in relating to each piece of scenery, but who should turn it on or off? can anyone explain?
  11. I installed v4 and then I ran Orbx Fx3 central and installed Global Base, Vector, Europe LC, North America LC, England, Scotland, Wales. All showed as installed correctly. I then ran P3d and set off from Cardiff, UK. The scenery was awful and looked nothing like the scenery on the many utube videos I have watched. So I downloaded scenery.cfg editor as I had read good things about it. I set it up and it loaded all my scenery files into its view pane. They all seemed to be in a different position to the order I had installed them but they were all ticked and had no errors showing. When I clicked on the text file tab I could see my scenery.cfg file. I noticed all the entries other than the default scenery had the line "REQUIRED=FALSE" and the default had "REQUIRED=TRUE" can I assume that this is why my scenery looks rubbish. I thought when I installed the orbx stuff in their fx3 thingy it would be in the sim. So can I change every FALSE to TRUE in my scenery.cfg text file to get things working or is there a better way? Also can anyone explain what affect does the position of the scenery in the library have on things. Fx3 central asks where in the library I want to put the scenery file but what difference does it make? I would assume that Base needs to load before Vector, before Europe LC, before England, before EGFF. please advise thanks.
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