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  1. After going through all 400 items in the Instrument panels, my suggestion would be in Normal Procedures checklist instead of sequence numbering (1,2.,3,4,5, etc) use instrument number within a panel (85,39,56 etc). That way it would help to find the instrument mentioned in the checklist. Dainius Psitulskis
  2. Hello, I feel that a Video or a thorough walkthrough with images is required for Cold and Dark startup and all NORMAL procedures required for a full flight. How to manage aircraft during the flight. There is a checklist but without accompanying images its clear as mud also, for example, in the DESCENT checklist there is no mention of setting Manifold Pressure to 26 as it is done with Assistant Engineer. Many thanks
  3. Hello, GNS 430 NAV Frequency operates separately from Bendix Nav. Is it suppose to be like this? Is there a way to change Master Nav device? DC-6_93 by Dainius Psitulskis, on Flickr
  4. Hello, How to Cross feed Fuel Tanks? I keep running out of Fuel in Main Tank 1 and Main Tank 4. I've tried all Cross-feed levers' positions, and also Fuel Booster pumps. Nothing has worked . Many thanks, Dainius Psitulskis
  5. Dainius Psitulskis, Turn wheel positioning was issue. Many thanks
  6. Hello, Paused sim, went back and was unable to engage Gyro Pilot throughout the flight.
  7. This week's NEWS including Boeing 727, PMDG's new update, Tu-154 and X-Plane 11.
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