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  1. Thank you very much for your understanding, AviatorMoser. If I do find another fellow Filipino virtual pilot I will surely send word. Again thank you very much. I very well appreciate it!
  2. Are you actually using some sort of ENB Series? Because it has come to my attention that ENB uses DirectX 9, and IIRC, Prepar3D 3.2 uses DirectX 11... Wouldn't there be some kind of conflict between the two versions?
  3. "One size fits all" isn't appropriate due to everybody's different monitor setups... But, presets should also be available so that users like us can check out the preset and manually adjust starting from there, just like in ReShade's website.
  4. Still infinitely better than an Haswell i5 4210U running at 1.7 GHz and an Intel HD 4400... If any sort of program would put a computer and its power to the test, it has to be a flight simulator.
  5. I know this is an absurd request, but is there any chance you can just upload the Philippine terrain mesh? Being a Philippine resident myself, we have pretty slow internet, sitting at a promised 3 Mbps, which is around 375 KBps, but in actuality, just around 220 KBps. On top of that, my ISP has a daily data cap of 2 GB (which is blatant false advertising of their "unlimited internet") before they begin slowing it down to baby crawls. ...So if I were to download the Asia pack, which is sitting at 13.3 GB, it would take me around 6 days and a few hours to download it. Again, I know it's an absurd request, but if you do hear me out, I'd appreciate it a lot, if not, that's also OK :smile: Best regards, Kensta
  6. Whoa! Thanks for adding DPX! By the way, I got a screengrab that show how exaggerated my shaders are in a morning flight from Tacloban to Dumaguete City... Note I have shadows off since it's a limitation of the Intel HD 4400's power (or the CPU, idk what part processes the calculations for dynamic shadowing). It's 05:46 according to the chronometer, and the way I set up my shaders makes clouds and the cockpit look too bright. I'm pretty darn sure that is far from realistic. I had Curves, Lift Gamma Gain, Technicolor and Vibrance enabled with custom values here and there.
  7. I'm sorry I didn't quite catch that. What do you exactly mean there (in bold)?
  8. Oh, I don't have Historic Weather ticked on, will try. Also, what do you mean to have my PC clock set, because I have it set to my country's timezone - UTC +0800 (unless if there's something special) Will update when I'm through with a planned cross-country flight! Really enjoying the realistic weather when I ignore that minor problem.
  9. Pretty much. I've been turning each one on, then running P3D, and it looks to me like the Vibrance shader is the one that gives extreme settings in PTA while the ones in Reshade are just right - I've been taking values off of presets from the ReShade website and they seem to give exaggerated results when entered into PTA... I'll keep balancing it out until I get it right... One value at a time. I guess I do need to fix my sunglasses - they're making things too dark BTW, you don't mind if I request to add another shader: Cineon DPX (or DPX in Reshade), in your next release?
  10. Heh. I've been a total noob at ReShade, and that's because I've shyed away from it due to it giving me serious FPS hits, even though it only injected itself and no postprocessing shaders have been selected. But man, I love this tweaking program, since my favorite postprocessing shaders give virtually no FPS hit now, and I can tweak FXAA to give decent anti-aliasing while potentially reducing the small FPS hit, but since I'm a total noob and haven't changed the values on the shaders, this is what I got. This is in an A2A C172 sitting on the ground at 09:52 hours. I have Curves, Lift Gamma Gain, Technicolor, Vibrance and Luma Sharpen enabled, and all are on default values. Guess I have to keep closing P3D and tweaking on a long trial-and-error journey. ... Or going onto Reshade's website, grabbing a P3D preset and adjusting values from there EDIT: Okay, it seems like the PTA's custom shader settings have extreme multiplications compared to ReShade, and I cannot get the right settings.
  11. Hello there, I've been using OpusFSI for a pretty good while, and I have to say, it is great since it also has live camera integration with its own self-controlled DHM and live weather engine - except for one problem: I live in the Philippines, and, as such, we are a day ahead in contrast to the rest of the world. Due to that, when I fire up OpusFSI's Live Weather engine, I've observed closely: the weather isn't really the weather as it is right now. When I looked into the Spy console, I saw that it grabbed GRIB data from "our yesterday" - your today (or tonight). I know I am really obsessive-compulsive, but I can't help it when it comes to these small things. Is there any way to remedy this, or is it held back by the servers that upload the GRIB data/other external factors? I patiently await your reply, Kensta
  12. Hi guys, I'm Kensta, a university student that's a real flight simulator enthusiast. I'm kinda young, sitting at the age of 16, and you're probably wondering where did I get my enthusiasm for flying from. Wonder no more, because my father used to be a private pilot when we lived in the U.S.A. He flew first-model Cessna 172s, Cessna 182s, a Mooney M20, and - what he loved the most - Beechcraft V35 Bonanza. Unfortunately he had to sell his beloved Bonanza to make way for me. Back in the day, he used to play Flight Simulator 2000 (still have the Professional pack laying around here somewhere). Anyways, enough of my personal intro and background. I currently live in the Philippines, and have long been a stalker of this forums to see what decent add-ons I can look up on for my flight sims. I mainly use Prepar3D v3 now, but I used to use FSX, X-Plane 9 and X-Plane 10 before finding Prepar3D. At the moment, I fly with a low-end 2014 HP laptop and a CH Products Yoke. I mainly fly the A2A Cessna 172, but I'm beginning to incline to the A2A Cessna 182 since I am mysteriously getting bored of the 172 for some reason. I am more of a general aviation kind of guy, since I find flying airliners too complex and have a steep learning curve. I also use FSUIPC for control inputs and OpusFSI for weather engine (can't invest into ASN). Guess it's time to put up the perpetual shame of system specs that laptops pack: Windows 10 x64 4 GB DDR3 RAM single-channel Intel Core i5-4210U @ 1.7 GHz up to 2.4 GHz Intel HD 4400 500 GB 7200-RPM HDD 1366x768 screen resolution Yes, I know, it's terrible, but it's OK enough to run FTX Global and REX4 TD w/ Soft Clouds on mediocre settings (without all the HDR lighting and shadows) and 2048 texture resolution (1024 and 512 for REX) all while hitting 20-30 FPS. Other than that, I don't really know what to put in here for an introduction that's inclined on flight simulation. This is the first flight sim dedicated forum I've registered to. Other than that, I hope to get along with you all, have a good time, and have more fun with flight simulation.
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