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  1. Hi Joe, checked with support team, seems there is a log pending from you. Sent an e-mail to you with details on how to proceed. Rgds.
  2. Virtual CDU 747 Google Play version is v1.1 iTunes version is v1.0 In order to work, VAInterface 2.23.1 is needed. Rgds.
  3. Please check http://www.avsim.com/topic/504889-beta-support-for-pmdg-747-400-queen-of-the-skies-ii/
  4. Hi Captains, We just posted on http://www.virtualavionics.com.br/va/downloads the Beta release 2.23.1 supporting the new 747-400 Queen of the Skies II from PMDG. Please note this is a Beta release, so some issues still can be found. Compatible Products : MCP737-R All functions supported. CMD center button is mapped to CWS A. THR button is mapped to N1. Some buttons are present on 737 and not present on 747, in this case they have no function on 747. EFIS737 PRO All functions supported Virtual CDU 747 We are changing Apple Store and Google Play product details to reflect the support to PMDG 747. Anyway it is already working. Users that will or have already purchased Virtual CDU 747 can enjoy it. Google Play version is v1.1 iTunes version is v1.0 Rgds, Amauri.
  5. Hi Folks, indeed there is a bug on 2,22, it is on installer that somehow got an old version of VAInterface.dll, we are sorry about that. Fallback to 2.20.3 can solve the issue but will miss fixes for IXEG support. We just posted on VA site release 2.22.1 fixing the installer. You need to close FS, install 2.22.1 and run VAInterface prior FS, it will update VAInterface.dll to the right one. Let us know if any problem. Rgds, Amauri.
  6. Hi Lissy, thank you for your feedback and for reporting. We are planning to run full regression tests for IXEG and x737 late this week, so we will be able to address the issues you are reporting. At the launch of VA support for x-plane in march, we did a full test using the current version at the time for these add-ons, but now seems they got upgraded and we need to perform a full scrub. We are committed to provide a solution, we will keep you posted on this. Could you please send an e-mail to support@virtualavionics.com.br about this thread ? I've tried to find your ticket on our system but was not able yet, probably I'm missing something on the search. Rgds, Amauri.
  7. Hi Captain, we will check that, but probably there is a mistake on our page since Virtual CDU is currently available only for iPad on iOS platform. For Android, it is available both for Smartphones and tablets. Good news is that we have a release for iPhones under testing that is about to be released. We wanted from long time to have iPhone support but we were afraid that some iPhone screens would not have a good experience due the small screen size. With new iPhones, support became possible but there was not a easy way to limit only to big screen iPhones, so we had to include support to all iPhones, and that took a lot of time. In summary, if you want, we can add you as beta tester on iPhone release while it is not officially launched. Let us know on support@virtualavionics.com.br in order to protect the privacy of your email address. Tks & Rgds, Amauri.
  8. Hi Captain, let`s take a look into your issue. I would suggest you to reboot your wi-fi router, just to make sure packets are not getting delayed on the network. If this has no effect, could you please open a ticket at support area on VA site and include this log ? Usually we are able to support from here, but some issues could require more logs and we are afraid to have so many logs on forum board. Tks & Rgds, Amauri.
  9. Hi Folks, follow radios product page at VA site : http://www.virtualavionics.com.br/products/radios737.php Rgds.
  10. Hi Captain, we are assessing how to provide this support, we'll let you know as soon we have a definition. Rgds.
  11. Hi Captain, we are still closing some details for pricing, but the estimated price is U$269. Rgds.
  12. Hi Captain, would you please try to add the following text to your VAInterface.ini, it is on VAInterface installation folder : [MCP737] POWERLOGIC=OFF I'm afraid power logic is not being detected on your IFLY, if this solves the issue we will investigate why is happening. Rgds.
  13. Hi Captains, we would like to share with you in first hand our new radios modules that are in pre-launch phase and will be available in September 2016 : Virtual Avionics NAV 737, COMM 737 and ADF 737 are Plug and Play modules that implement all the features of a real radio panels, intended for flight simulation. It does not need any special configuration - you just need to have the latest version of VAInterface software installed on your computer. Features 1:1 Scale Plug and Play USB connection - do not require any extra external power source Adjustable backlight intensity. Can be controlled by the Flight Simulator Dual shaft concentric enconder Aluminum knobs with symbols and marks Dimensions: 14,5 x 6,8 x 3,8 cm (L x H x D) white digit active frequency display white standby frequency display It's necessary to have VAInterface software installed on the same computer where the Flight Simulator is running (Free software licence for non-commercial use) Simulators FSX FSX Steam Edition Prepar3D (all versions) X-Plane 10 (coming soon) Add-Ons Default Aircrafts Any aircraft that use default radios PMDG 737 NGX (FSX & Prepar3D) IFLY 737 (version 3.1 or newer) ProSim 737 Project Magenta 737 PMDG 777 IXEG (coming soon) x737 (coming soon) Available Functions Backlight and brightness control on the equipment or via add-on (if available on the airplane) Active frequency display Standby frequency display Transfer pushbutton NAV1 or NAV2 selection by configuration on the software (can be changed on the fly) Test push button For more info stay tuned to http://www.virtualavionics.com/
  14. On PMDG CDU, press MENU -> PMDG SETUP -> ABOUT. During some seconds it will show PMDG 737 NGX Version ## If it shows SP1C, SP1D or 1.1 you are ok. Anyway we always do recommend to upgrade to latest available on your PMDG account. Rgds.
  15. Hi Captain, you need to add on new tablet the same Google Account used to purchase the App, it should appear the install option. Rgds.
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