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  1. The fixer was in use for the screenshot. Perhaps that model wasn't made with DX10 in mind. I did some looking on the Steam FSX Forums and found that that could have been the case. I'm going to switch to DX9 for now. I'll probably go back to DX10 if I get more addons that are ok with it. I may also get Prepar3d sometime in the future...once I master FSX
  2. I recently decided to activate direct x10 preview on FSX because I wanted to see self shadows and other things in some of my aircraft. I did a test flight with the World of AI aircraft installed and saw this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1310029784 The plane is grey/white. I'm also noticing this on some of my Freeware addon aircraft as well. At this point I believe that these birds are older and not ready for Dx10. And I'm also questioning if Dx10 is worth it for FSX-SE.
  3. This steam sale I went for the Cessna 182. She's a nice little bird. Next Steam Sale will be Vive La France...hopefully Italia will be out by then. The 182 RG according to the review said it was modeled from a 70s aircraft. Which isn't bad, my only gripe is that I can't suction-cup a GPS to the windshield. LOL.
  4. I'm going to be going to A2A's aircraft eventually. Just not now. I'm just looking for something that isn't stock at the moment. There are two maybe three A2A birds I want to get. Specifically the Cessna 182 and Piper Comanchee. I'm also concidering Concorde -X. What I meant by "physics aren't the most realistic in the world" are what scianoir started. The flight dynamics. A2A is currently out of my reach right now since my car needs attention right now. But after my car is happy. I'll grab their 182. I know there are some dis-advantages to buying from FSX:SE DLC on steam, but this one I'll take since it's a small bird. :)
  5. Hey there, Steam's Halloween sale is upon us and there are two addons for two different games I'd like to get. Based on my budget I'm only treating myself to one. The first one is the Cessna 182 Skylane RG II By Carenado. From what I'm told she looks beautiful, but the physics aren't the most realistic in the world. The 2nd one is Viva La France for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Both I've had my eyes on for a while. And there's the Christmas sale as well. I am partial to the RG II since I'm not seeing sales elsewhere and Carenado doesn't have a news letter (to my knowledge) All opinions, viewpoints etc are welcome. Thanks.
  6. So far Shift works normally (Browsers etc.), FSX:SE, and FS2004. Now to install my Concorde and see how it goes. I'll keep you posted. Concorde Behaves as it should. Shift key works as it should for now. I'll start adding other things to FS2004 as I deem ok. CIVA INS, MyTraffic 2004, other things. Eventually, I'll start getting other stuff for FSX and then eventually, I'll take off FS2004. But that's once I have more money.
  7. Current Specs: My current computer (may make you cry) CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K @ 3.40Ghz (4 Core Hyperthreaded to 8) RAM16 GB DDR3 Ram OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 (It was free...and I'm happy with it) GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 560 TI 1GB RAM <<< This may be updated first. SOUND: Creative Labs SoundBlaster (May enable onboard audio for Voice some time in the future) Disk Space (Here we go): 1X 120 GB SSD, 2x 500GB HDDs (2.5inch from laptops), 2x 2TB HDDs (3.5inch) Shift Keys were just tested in this forum. I'll duck into FSX:SE while installing FS2004. If I remember. This occurs while running SSTSIM or running FS2004 after FSX...but I doubt there would be a conflict in config files.
  8. So I recently discovered that Flight1 Updated their wrappers and they work with Windows 10 now. I still have my copy of FS2004 floating around and am considering installing it on the same computer FSX:SE resides on. Can this become a problem? I made somewhat of an attempt two weeks ago, but had to reinstall all my FS Stuff because in FS2004 my Shift key started being ignored in all my aircraft. If anybody has any thoughts on the cause, solution, or tips etc, I'd appreciate them. Thanks lads.
  9. I'll start playing with that when I can. It's like turning mods on and off for any of the elderscrolls games.
  10. Guys, I didn't start this thread for you to go back and forth about whether or not Acceleration can work with deluxe edition or now. Please stop this now. Now I asked what would be better to get. US Cities X - Las Vegas or FSDreamteam's KLAS. One does up the city...the other does up the airport. From what I've seen.
  11. Right. So I'm pretty settled on how I want the state of Nevada to look. But I'm drawn between these two. 1) <<< Basically Improves all of Las Vegas (According to the description) 2) <<< This looks like it kinda ignores the city and instead foucuses on improving KLAS as a whole. (It look ok. But I'm leaning on improving Las Vegas. The goal If I start going with scenery is Super Realistic Las Vegas & Nevada utilizing MegaSceneryEarth - Nevada and US Cities X - Las Vegas :)
  12. Good information. I'll keep all that in mind. I did stumble into the MegaSceneryEarth site and fell in love with what I saw. Since I already have FSX:SE I don't need to worry about anything. I do know I'm probably now going to concentrate on making my area as best as it can be. The other states will come later on. Although I am considering the neighboring states...but that's it, no detailed cities or anything. As far as "Gold" was concerned, I had originally assumed was FSX - Acceleration + SP 1 & SP 2, better than Deluxe...Personally I dig SE. When It comes to the addons, it is VERY tempting to get it from steam, convenience sells a lot of people these days. However, based on what you all have told me, it, to me, would be much much better to hunt all these down and buy them individually. That and, if not mentioned, keeping backups of individual add-ons is much easier. Some offer physical delivery, which is one of the things I'm considering...especially MegaScenery.
  13. I used the search Concorde in the AVSIM library and just started flipping through the pages. Here you go Luis: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=Concorde&CatID=fs2004fp&Go=Search <<<< A more refined search of what I did :) Have fun.
  14. I've recently resurrected my copy of Flight Simulator 2004 along with my copy of SSTSIM: Concorde (You have no idea how much dust was in the cockpit!). Anyway, I know on the old site there were some good flights out there. I'm looking for a flight that took Concorde around the world. I'm pretty positive it was on the SSTSIM Forums. I had a look at the new forums and...no luck. Could something like that still exist? I'll be looking in the AVSIM libraries and more later. (Can somebody lock this? I found what I needed)
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