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  1. These sticks are currently unavailable in the UK and most of the retailers in Europe. I will give it some consideration should the TM prove to be unconfigurable. I shall probably start a new thread if I have further problems as this thread is marked solved.
  2. Hi Simon Sorru for very late reply. Well it is said you pay for quality - bit beyond my reach though. Hi David Sorry for such a late response - I am still not getting any email notifications - must have the wrong boxes ticked. One of my daughters also bought me the TM Hotas X for Xmas. At the moment I am having problems with the throttle calibration - not found anything yet in these forums about this not too uncommon problem. I was wondering if you had the same??? I shall have another try later today. I am running FS2002 at the moment and want to get used to the new computer[built Nov 2016] before I install the Steam version of FSX.
  3. Sorry for not replying earlier - I thought this thread had died - and I dont seem to get notifications when somebody does reply. Thanks for the info - that model is in my list of possibles.
  4. Alas, no longer - well that is my reading of the new system - as from Dec for both WIN7 & WIN8.1. As has been mine since XP. It appears that the priority/important security stuff with be on the usual Black Tuesdays - other stuff like .net/drivers/system enhancements/office, could be any time - it remains to be seen if one has the choice to pick and choose these. Current Position Updating as from Oct & Nov has been done via roll-ups and one has been able to pick/choose which updates one wants/needs. From Dec it would appear that users will have less or no choice as to what gets downloaded and installed on each monthly Black Tuesday. I have some interesting links on this subject - win7 & win8.1 are now going to be treated the same as WIN10 users. In other words we users of WIN7 are dumb and stupid and not capable of deciding what updates we want or need and that MS knows best. The pathetic reason, given by MS for doing this is beyond reasonable comprehension. I expect most users here will know or have already done the roll-ups for Oct and Nov, perhaps without knowing. My personal choice is 'never check for updates'. Perhaps a 'sticky' is too late??? If only FS etc would run on a free OS. Antioch
  5. Hi to all There is no forum for 2002 but I have a new computer running WIN7. For the moment, I am just running this FS before trying the Steam FSX. Every time I create a flight and select airport then select parking, the programme starts on active runway. Never had this problem when running 2002 in XP. I must be missing something or not getting the settings right. Rgds Antioch
  6. Hi to All I am pleased to report that all problems have been resolved - no need for clean install. I have a DVI to DVI cable - now have Nvidia Control Panel - drivers sorted - missing files were not missing, just hidden - can now use a screensaver [poor choice though]. A family member is treating me to a new joystick - could be sufficient funding for a good display as well. FS2002 runs well even on restricted frame rate of 30 - yet to try with add-ons. I think I can mark this thread as 'solved' - I will come back after Xmas to discuss displays - in the correct forum. Thanks to everybody Antioch
  7. Thanks vortex I have the link saved in bookmarks. I had a phone call from the builders - they are considering the situation and deciding what may be the best action. I will update as soon as I know.
  8. Yes, I will let you know Good to hear - can l get it via this site though I do wonder where the versions of Steam come from, that are on offer in Amazon and the like.
  9. Hi to all I spent most of the morning onto the builder but we were unable to connect via remote control. Having looked through the folders for WIN 7 it would appear that at least two folders and their contents are missing - not my fault - and rather than the hassle of boxing the system and sending it back I have initially agreed to do a clean install as I have an OEM disc which they supply. I will do this next weekend when I have the time. Thank you vortex, martin and glynn for all your help - sorry to have wasted your time and the trouble. I shall save to disc all my personal files etc then reinstall. Before doing this, I shall also get the required DVI-D cable to connect GPU with the display[which has VGA & DVI-D inputs] - DVI-D to DVI-D and an external HDD with the My Passport. I have not tried FS9 - damaged disc - and FSX First addition is with another - but I was looking at the Steam Edition, which I believe is a full application. So I will be back sometime - soon I hope.
  10. Hi Vortex - sorry another long one. Thanks for your continued help. I spent most of yesterday looking through the Nvidia forums - was prompted to do so by a very late reply from the games forum @ MS where it was suggested I may wish to choose AMD and not Nvidia - perhaps I should have. I can assure you it did not make pretty reading is some forums. I also went through all the folders titled Nvidia - could not believe how many times it was listed. In some it had DisplayDriver- on opening shows 375.70-WIN7 & WIN8. Not all Event Viewer logs had been cleared but so far I could not find anything relating to a driver being installed. Lots of warnings and errors though. The driver number came from Device Manager - yes I did the search in Nvidia for a driver according to my system but it did nothing but tell me re Java - you and I are both of the same mind re Java - I only use it for one piece of software but it remains disabled all the time. 375.70 is the latest of many updates for this driver- six in all since the GPU was launched a few months ago. I searched the forums for info and found this one was 'buggy' avoid if possible - the next two have 'adware' and 'pups' apparently - the fourth one, 372.90 dated 21 Sept 2016 is fairly reliable - no wonder the forums are upset. It did not help with login probs - password not recognised - no account recognised nor email address for any account and to top it all, two posters noted that my original post and replies suddenly disappeared. I found the same when I got logged in. This is normal for these forums. As for the Nvidia Control Panel, I have been looking for this ever since almost day one - 'right-click on the desktop, select NVIDIA Control Panel' - no such choice in the drop-down - this was another thing I searched for yesterday. So I have no Nvidia Control Panel. I found in one folder ControlPanelClient - there are three items here - nvcplui application, nvcpluir.dll & NvGpuUtilization application. When the first is opened I get a box saying NVIDIA Control Panel Aplication 8.1.900.0 has stopped working with the choice of 'check online', 'close programme' 'view problem details' - the problem event name is APPCRASH. In the other subfolders nothing of note. If I select from the drop-down,'personalization' there is a link to Control Panel - but not what I expected - more for use inside Windows applications - nothing indicating anything to do with Nvidia. The other choice is screen resolution, which is a section of Control Panel. So I am back in 'limbo' as to which way to go - could box it all up send it back for the builder to sort out. 375.70 or 372.90?????
  11. Hi vortex I followed your instructions despite being assured I had the most up to date driver installed by the builder - I went to Nvidia site and searched - I ran their search to see which driver if any was needed and was informed that I did not have Java - strange because I have the lastest installed - having entered all my card details, I downloaded to the desktop ready to open - I then went back to Device Manager uninstalled the driver - went back to run the download but it could not find the device - so went to do a clean install in Device Managerdo clean install but the GPU had gone and the VGA was left. I have the GPU disc and when I tried to install the driver it informed there was no compatible device found. I am surprised I can see anything - there are no drivers installed for the VGA Video Controller? What did I do wrong? I am at a complete loss now.
  12. The new computer arrived on Monday and had a few probs which seem to have been sorted with a couple of phone calls. Having set my displays etc and downloaded all my other software and docs, I loaded FS2002 with no problems at all, but without any extras - planes, scenery etc. On opening, I got a window headed 'Software 3D enabled' saying that Safe Mode has been enabled because your system is currently unable to use hardware acceleration........................................product support services does not support Safe Mode and for information, see 'Readme' from the Flight Sim link in windows Start Menu - I have a screenshot if it helps. There is no such link? - probable a very old informative. When I leave FS the desktop is a mess and still in safe mode appearance. At the moment I am connected to the Dell E207WFP via VGA which all worked OK on the replaced system. I have been told that I need a DVI-D cable to connect directly with the GPU. The Dell has a VGA and a DVI-D connections only. In device/ hardware manager I note that there is an entry for a Video Controller - VGA Compatible but it said no driver installed - there is no yellow triangle showing? I have done a dxdiag - this shows DirectX 11 in system info - on the Display window it is shown that DX features are not available? Sometimes I have opened a doc or screen print which has appeared grossly magnifiedand superimposed over the desktop - unable to remove it and have done a system restore to resolve. I am not sure what to do next? Antioch
  13. user control panel

  14. Hi to All Hope you dont mind the way I have responded. I have been away for a few days so playing catch-up. I have already upgraded the HDD to 1Tb Sata III and gone over the top with a 550W PSU. No 500W. The brand of the HDD is Seagate - a WD 1 Tb increases the budget by £30 – other 1Tb are more. These have pushed me over my budget - the mistake I made was letting 'her indoors' know what my budget was! Martin - thanks for confirming the Ai Suite 3. Re the MB – yes it is a cheap one, but it was pointed out that my original choice, the Asus ATX Z170-P, has extras I would be unlikely to use/need and the saving would allow for a better graphics card within my budget. I have used four other computer builders [even Dell] and the one I am with is somewhat cheaper than the others. Even picking parts at their cheapest I can find for a self build, is only a few £s less. The rear case fan will be connected to the MB as well as the CPU fan. The front fan via a molex. Christopher - as you can see I have decided to increase the PSU. Vortex – Hi - as you can see the HDD has been increased. I could buy a cooler from elsewhere but I am happy with my current choice. I am aware of Scan and have bought parts from them for many years – great to deal with. Re choice of Windows – I could go into a long diatribe but this is not the place nor time – I would use a ‘free open’ OS if it supported FS. I am completely disillusioned and disgusted with the manner in which MS treat current users as ‘morons’, by telling us what we want rather than what we need. I don’t fancy the fact that I cannot choose the updates I want/need. Many thanks for your input. Ryan – Hi – No, I don’t expect or intend to do any OC on this computer. I will have very few add-ons as I am what I would call a ‘casual flying’. My thanks to everybody - I will be back after Xmas to resume discussions re a new monitor. Antioch
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