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  1. Did no one mention a line of x-plane products yet? I guess they will be converting or redesigning their airliners for X-Plane. Aderik Verraest
  2. For the ones that stille want this scenery, First go to this site: https://www.mediafire.com/91p62r5x1prd600,lhfbhi4uh6063w6,bdmcxabop0aa8z6,3abdj8rvcnaasjr,2i5okwe04ji5fc5,b3g9aax67928git,xb34waexqhwj3r6,ime6giqbqdqui01,im91z3qbqz3iv6h,3ofl1g3ktk3z1yk,r74uarvnbcqnhnk,ly6bimadv4tfydv,198ipuiyu3ibvs8,kahqzqubic3zv45,6za80kzpto5m32a,q3w83h798occcju,3s16zzx7pnzs34x,14nc2rlyzvfauyl,xfve5svvfucvyvv,tprhu8uyhy8h252 And than download all 20 files. Then, when downloaded, place the files (part01-20) in a new folder (name doesn't matter). Then select all 20 files, click on 7-zip, and click extract here. When extracted, put the part 01-20 files, that you have downloaded in another folder, you will not need them anymore. Now, you have 4 files, part 1, part2, part3 and the gray patches. Select them all, click an 7-zip and click: extract here. Now you will have your 2 folders: Belgium2012 en Brussels HD. Put the other AFCAD files in BELGIUM2012/Scenery. Now move BELGIUM2012 en Brussels HD to Addon-Scenery. After that, run FSX, and activate your scenery files. (first the Belgium 2012, and then the BrusselsHD) And voila! You have a Belgian photoreal in fsx!
  3. Hello, I is now september 2016 so the links aren't valid anymore. Can you make new ones please?
  4. Hello everebody, I have installed ivao a few weeks ago and have a big problem displaying the TCAS on the ND. If I want to see traffic, the I need to push WXR on the EFIS-panel? Everebody says push the TFC button but I don't even have one! Transponder is set to TA/RA and on ivap to TX. Traffic in the pmdg-lenu is set to show all. I really don't know what to do... Regards, A.V., Jetairfly 737
  5. Thank you so much for the replies! I have spend houres of finding a solution... Finally I found it! I needed to at a user (me) that could do everething! So I am going to explain it for other people (very good add-onn btw!) 1) Right click 737NGX_options.ini and select properties. 2) Click security and then click advanced settings. 3) Add the user that has admin-rights (in my case **************@hotmail.com (I don't want to show my e-mail over here)) and give it all the rights that are possible to click. 4) Close everthing of the properties and reboot (if needed) your computer. 5) Now you can edit the folder! If you have more questions, do not hestitate ti ask me Another thank you for the replies! Jetairfly737
  6. Hello, I have purchased cdu_devoce pro mobile. I want to install the cdu server 1.4, it says to add the following text to 737ngx_options.ini: [sDK] EnableDataBroadcast=1 EnableCDUBroadcast.0=1 Q1) Is it save to save it in there? Q2) How to I save it? (Constantly acces denied!!!) Thank you very much, Jetairfly737.
  7. The problem can be that they are flying at a very low cruising speed for a 737-800/737-700: 820 km/h (slower then ryanair) (mach 0.67!!!). I will try to fly with this speed next time... I was flying at mach 0.78. Another factor is that my approaches and descents are calculated by myself, I don't use ATC. (I normally chose the chortest star and a chort approach... + I was flying with the wind... I was flying with the wind but with fully loaded payload
  8. Hello avsim-users, Today I was flying a flight from Brussels To Ibiza in the pmdg 737 ngx of Jetairfly. I watched the progress page: flight time 2h00, then I watched jetairfly.com: flight time 2h45. How can I get a real flight time? Regards, Jetairfly737
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