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  1. Hey all, I have been faced with this issue since I purchased the PMDG 777-200LR, I recently purchased the 777-300ER and still am experiencing the problem/bug. Its often a 50/50 whether the aircraft will load up properly (meaning everything working, and in a default panel state.) If it doesn't load up properly "load up dead as you guys state at PMDG" I need to restart FSX and hope it works on the second attempt. I have followed the instructions of this PMDG fix: http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a110/aircraft-loads-up-dead-no-activation-window-no-landing-gear-simconnect-issue.aspx without any success. The real pain with this isn't so much when I am starting a flight its more of a pain when I am using FSIPANEL and practicing an approach. It will work ONCE, and when I reload the approach lets say 8NM out from the runway the aircraft loads dead... Its a waste of time! I am little frustrated, maybe I have done something wrong I have tried the simconnect fix. Same problem as this person. Thanks in advance, Gavin Boothroyd
  2. Hello all, I have noticed for a while flying usually when climbing is clouds flickering or flashing around mountains looks awful and obviously not realistic. I understand this is known as the z-buffer... Not much I can do? I notice these clouds r usually flat as well... Gavin Boothroyd
  3. Hi all, When I disconnect the autopilot I love the sound of the wailer, one of the things I love about flying! I noticed on several occasions ( not all ) that I would go to disconnect the autopilot via my x52 joystick or clicking the button on the control column in the PMDG 777 and just get a little click and autopilot disconnect as should be on the EICAS display. No wailer. I did look through the settings in the CDU and wailer is selected. Even went into the PMDG operation center and under the 777 settings wailer was set for all installed liveries... This might be a silly question with an obvious answer but what can I do, or what havent I done? Gavin B
  4. Thanks I dont think i am going to invest in so much time into this but now I know! I believe it is more important to fly the plane!
  5. So nothing I can do?? Some say sparse grid supersampliong in Nvidia inspector.. There must be a way right?
  6. Hello folks, my first post on this forum as I am new to the pmdg 777. A great product so in depth and I am learning a lot! A big thanks to all of you that help create this wonderful addon. However I do have a question hence the title I am experiencing some strange textures on the display and when In a night environnement in the cockpit of the PMDG 777 and when I turn on MCP lighting or inboard lights the textures cover the cockpit panels them self...( If I zoom move really close to the displays or panels the textures somewhat disapear it really depends on perspective) Now I believe I have seen this in some videos and its not very smooth looking. I have tried working my way around it by darkening my screen using s/a on my Asus monitor ( scenery mode is dark and at night it washes the textures out but at in day time scenery mode is a little to dark. Could this be my graphics card ( GTX 960 ) Something I can change fairly easily? NOTE: You will want to download the pictures from this Photobucket gallery I have put together, you need to see the images in full screen to notice the textures as I would In Flightsim. Images: [/url]">http://http://s1348.photobucket.com/user/garb12/media/20160731120435_1_zpsqyivufi4.jpg.html'> Thanks in advance Gavin Boothroyd
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