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  1. Does anyone know how to make the Bell 407 external view with 3 screens clickable so that you can open the front nose, check fuel and most importantly remove the vent cover . I`m keen to do cold starts but unless I go back to a single view I can`t achieve this. the only clickable area with 3 screens is the rotor ties, which can be clicked on to remove. John
  2. Johnboy991


    Can anyone enlighten me into how to get the bell 407 checklist into the gtn750. Problem I have is that, I first of all don`t have a checklist button within the utilities page, and although I have downloaded the checklist.gtn file the garmin checklist editor only accepts ace or gcl files ?. Am totally at a loss on how to do this. Any help would be fully appreciated. Many thanks John K.
  3. Johnboy991

    bell 407 vnav system

    thanks for replies guys. much appreciated. John
  4. Johnboy991

    bell 407 vnav system

    Thanks for that Ryan. I have been able to use vnav on the g1000 to do the fore mentioned, seems strange how its not possible with the rxp gtn750. any reasons why its not possible ?. could there be an addon or script to achieve this. Would a real helicopter pilot in a Bell407 have to follow the altitude step downs on the flightplan on a manual basis ?. John.
  5. Can anyone tell me how to use the vnav in the bell 407 using rxp gtn750. I am trying to get the autopilot (sas) to automatically step down the aititudes in the flight plan without having to do it manually, is this possible ?.
  6. Can anyone tell me how I go about contacting REALITY the company I bought the xp gtn750 from as I have read numerous links that say you can download european maps into the xp gtn 750 as long as they are converted to .png and the format is correct ie (app.xxxx.png. My last thread on here did not turn up any answers. this is a great addon but feel cheated that I cant add my own british maps into it. John
  7. hi again,

    still no joy getting uk charts/approaches into gtn 750.  Can you come up with any ideas?


  8. Johnboy991

    GTN 750

    I have a subscription with SimPlatesXultra from which I downloaded an ILS approach for egpd (aberdeen,scotland, uk), then converted it to a png file as described in tutorials. Should then be available in the gtn 750 should it not ?. John
  9. Johnboy991

    GTN 750

    sorry had an doggy emergency, bn to vets. Yes it was from there. John
  10. Johnboy991

    GTN 750

    not sure ryanbatcund, just purchased it. how do i tell john
  11. Johnboy991

    GTN 750

    Please can someone help me with installing chart`s into the gtn 750 of the Bell 407 which I use on a second touchscreen monitor. I have placed a app chart into x-plane 11/custom data/ xxxx (name of airport folder)/app.rwy 34 ils.png (converted from a pdf file), but when I run the gtn 750 in x-plane 11 and open up the app page, all I get is a message saying "no charts available". I have followed all the instruction`s as far as i`m aware correrctly, but am at a loss to why the chart won`t load up. Many thanks John.
  12. Johnboy991

    Altitude differences

    Thankyou for reply David. when I checked the exported .fms file in notepad, this is what I assume you meant I get nothing that resembles the route in p2a ?. No Altitudes are shown and the waypoints don`t match up. Im not sure how to insert a prtscr page of p2a screen to show the route in p2a. John
  13. Johnboy991

    Altitude differences

    Can anyone tell me why when I plan a route in Pilot2atc from kblf to krdu with all the sid/star & approaches and then verify/save/export to x-plane 11, the route altitudes in the cirrus sf50`s G1000 shows different altitudes ?. They are also in white in the G1000 which I understand to be reference only till I click on them and get them to turn blue, the altitudes in p2a are already blue, so why does it not export over exactly. John.
  14. Johnboy991

    Dovetails new DA42 g1000

    Thanks guys for your help and wisdom. I have indeed sent off a ticket bronze and their reply was they were aware of it and to expect an update. Thanks AGAIN...... WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO TELL ME IF ITS POSSIBLE TO USE A MOVING MAP LIKE efass by froom with dtg. Dovetail said yes but I believe you need to use fsuipc which dtg doesnt recognise. John..
  15. Johnboy991


    Is it possible to connect EFASS to dovetail with both running on same laptop ?.