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  1. @RTK1972 Please check the following points: Open PTA and load the preset. Switch to "TWEAK MAIN CONFIG". The last line "TONEMAP_NIGHT_EXPOSURE_KEY" is actually set to 0.2 - try to change it to 0.140000 - if you turn it more down its getting darker. Let me know if this help you. Kindly, Patrick
  2. Hey Kevin :) Do you have this "wased" problem also in the outdoor view - maybe at terrain etc.? You can try to set up the saturation in the HDR section of p3d. Kindly, Patrick
  3. We can recomment ENVTEX yes, but it is no "must have". A lot of people also used the 1.5 version in p3d v3 without ENVTEX - they were also absolutely happy with it :) But ENVTEX is just a perfect "nice to have" ;-)
  4. Good day guys, we hope everybody's fine :) we are still alive, and trying to make our preset better and better. We are waiting for the new envtex update to adjust our preset especially for that. So, have a great weekend we're coming back asap :-) . All the best, Thorsten & Patrick
  5. Hey Swilskey31, thanks for your kind words, really appreciated! you can make it brighter in the section "Autogen emissive lighting" and then "Lights ratio". But at this high flightlevel its not that easy to make it more brighten I think because there are no more ORBX lights rendered. If it works for you, please let me know
  6. Good day, I have no rounded cloud shadows on terrain with 2.03 see on my screenshot http://prnt.sc/dtpq6s Any solutions? :-) Thanks guys.
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