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  1. Hi, I tried the factory settings reset but no help. It's always been in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Multi Crew Experience\ folder. Then I did an uninstall, removed the .ini file then re-installed, voice training, options setup and it works just as it did. I like this because it's most realistic, tune in the freq, wait a few seconds, start talking. Wish it worked with a flight plan but not the end of the world. I did get several app crashes as I was setting options in the "More Settings" on the "General" tab. This was my first time through and I have to leave it for now. I'll reboot everything and try it again...if it continues, I'll let you know. Thanks much for the help...Bob.
  2. Thanks Gerald, I had forgotten that no flight plan can be loaded. But that isn't this problem - I just made a flight with no flight plan and when I select another tower freq, nothing happens. I expect it to open the ATC window, select "Nearest Airport List", etc. etc. until it finds the airport I selected but it never starts. I have SAIFLIGHTSIMX.EXE running in Task Manager and I have the registered version of FSUIPC4 installed and running and mce.ini is set to "USE=1". Does all this sound correct? Thanks, Bob
  3. Hi, I'm running FSX-SE w/ MCE and had the Go-Flight functionality working perfectly. I've done a lot to my system including scenery upgrades and somewhere along the line this has stopped working. I've verified MCE.INI has "Use=1" under the Go-Flight section - timeout is 3000. I had FSUIPC4 installed but have removed it completely but Go-Flight never opens the ATC window to start the search for the airport when I tune the tower freq. I have the Saitek radio switch panels. Since I removed FSUIPC, is there something I have to do with the Saitek driver to get this going again? Any help is appreciated...thanks, Bob.
  4. Thanks for the replies but to Martin...it's actually VFR Flight V2.3.1 that has the moving map. You can select different map overlays like Google Earth, Virtual Earth, etc. One of them is "Skyvector World VFR" - with this, you have a moving map over a real sectional...what I like to use on a VFR flight. It used to work, it hasn't for some time now, I've seen it mentioned by other people but no definitive fix has ever been published (at least that I can find). Bob
  5. Hi all - back around V 1.4 or so, I used to be able to select Skyvector World VFR and have a moving map over a real sectional chart. Somewhere this functionality stopped working. A map selection of Skyvector World VFR gives you a screen full of hourglasses. Does anyone know if this can be made to work again? Thanks...Bob.
  6. Hello - can anyone tell me why VFRFlight no longer works with SkyVector? I used to be able to select SkyVector World and now just gives a blank screen. I thought I saw something about the link being wrong for SkyVector inside VFRFlight but can't find anything definitive. I like flying with a sectional chart so I'd really like to have this working. Any help would be appreciated. Bob
  7. I've been using 7.2 for about a week now and like what I see as far as VFR improvements. I had an issue (one time only) where I started a flight and it put me in the parking location I had saved. But it also put another aircraft in the same spot. I was fine until I tried to taxi then the FSX crash, etc. When the flight reset, there was still a small plane in the same spot but a different one (same type, different color). Instead of trying to taxi, I moved my aircraft via the menu to another ramp and all was fine. I'm curious if you can do a few things...can you cancel a VFR flight plan while enroute then divert to another airport that's nearby? I can contact the RCO but don't know the words to cancel the flight plan, if they exist. As far as diverting, if I tune another tower not on my flight plan, the only option for something to say is "disregard". Is it possible to make contact and ask for landing clearance even though the airport is not on the flight plan? Also, how do you stop traffic advisories with a center? Again, contact works fine but what has to be said to end advisories? What if I never activate a flight plan...will I always hear "...not at this time" or words to that effect from the tower when I try for a takeoff clearance? It would be great to be able to do all this stuff but I know that's asking a lot; from what I can see, it seems VoxATC always depends on a being on an activated flight plan and doesn't handle diversions. But if there is a way to do any of the above, please let me know. Thanks, Bob
  8. I'm using beta 7.2 and trying to install additional voices. I installed the 4 male and 1 female VOXPOP voices and I can select them from the Voice Configuration utility. I then installed VisionAid American English Ivona Voice Pack and VisionAid International English Vocalizer Voice Pack. They show as installed in Control Panel/Programs but there are no new voices available in the Voice Configuration utility. I thought that after installation they'd be available to select in the utility. Is there some step after installation of these 2 products that has to be done to be able to use them in VoxATC? Thanks...Bob
  9. Hi - I've searched and tried to find if anyone has had my problem but all I can find are somewhat similar, not the same. I've tried this at multiple departure airports and the behavior is the same. I'm flying VFR out of Phoenix Deer Valley (KDVT). ATIS and taxi work fine. When I get to the runway and ask for the freq change from ground, it responds with instructions to tune tower on "radio freq". I'm expecting to hear "...report back on frequency." If I tune to the tower, I can "contact" them but the VoxATC window says to go back to ground and request temp freq change. If I ignore and try to request takeoff clearance from tower, I will get "...unable at this time." I'm assuming that's because the flight plan hasn't been open yet. So I'm stuck in this loop. Has anyone seen this behavior or am I not doing something correctly? Thanks, Bob
  10. Thanks for the reply. I went through the following steps and am still being prompted to register the product. 1) Uninstalled via Control Panel VoxATC FSX-SE 2) Uninstalled VoxPOP Base 3) Uninstalled VoxPOP Male Voice 1 4) Uninstalled VoxPOP Female Voice 1 (at this point no VoxATC products are installed) 5) Scanned entire C drive for any folders labeled "Internal Workings" and deleted any found 6) Scanned HKLM and HKCU for any entries with "Internal Workings" or VoxATC and deleted them 7) Installed (in order) A) VoxATC V7 Beta B)VoxPOP Base C) VoxPOP Male Voice 1 D) VoxPOP Female Voice 1 8) Rebooted system - started FSX-SE. When I click "Enable" I receive the message about having to register. Can anyone tell me specifically what it's finding than makes it think a production version is installed and needs registration? Thanks in advance, Bob
  11. Hello, I've downloaded and installed V7 Beta of VoxATC. The installation went fine but when FSX-SE comes up, it says to click Enable in the window. When I do that, I get a message "This VoxATC installation requires registration. See help file." I cannot find any way to register this so I can see it. Anyone know of any way around this? Thanks, Bob
  12. Never mind...I just found out it's the scroll wheel on the mouse that let's you zoom in or out. Thanks...Bob
  13. Hello all, I've just started using VFR Flight and have a basic question that I can't seem to find an answer for. How do you zoom in/out of the maps? I see how to select the different maps but can't find a zoom function. Probably something that's right in front of me!! Thanks in advance, Bob
  14. Dave/Mike, thanks for the helpful responses. I was able to get past the takeoff clearance issue. The tower did send me back to ground even though I had taxied to the hold short line but it was because ground did not understand my acknowledgement of going to the tower frequency. Once I went back and stated it correctly, the tower let me go. Given what you mentioned about AI traffic, what happens if you turn on AU traffic in the sim? I assume you might be run over by another aircraft on the ground but I think seeing and hearing the other traffic really adds to the realism. I wanted to run through a simple landing request, handoff to ground, etc. I was about 10 miles SW of KDVT and tried to request a full stop landing but couldn't get a response. There are 2 tower frequencies at KDVT but neither worked. I turned on the grammar help screen and when I clicked on the request for a full stop landing on runway 25L, I received an unhandled exception error in "Speech Assistant". I have a screenshot of the error but can't seem to figure out how to post a screenshot here. I can email to someone if interested. Thanks again, Bob
  15. Hello all, I've had the V2.0 demo running for about 3 days now trying to decide if I'll purchase. I have a few questions and one, what seems like a bug, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. First, I do love the interface...having your flight plan, weather, moving map, etc. all displayed in one screen is great. I have been using MCE and I understand the difference between MCE and P2ATC as far as pushing the buttons of the FSX ATC vs. a whole new ATC. It seems that P2ATC is a little more restrictive when it comes to phrases it will accept but I can live with that. Also, I did the speech training and I'm using this w/ Steam. Questions: 1) I thought I would let the co-pilot handle the radios so I could listen and learn. How do you get that started - i.e. I've started the engine, gone through checklists and am ready to taxi. How do I tell the co-pilot to initiate the request to ground? Or do I have to start things by me asking for the taxi request? 2) I'm not sure I understand why the weather is different. If I pick "SIM" as the weather source, shouldn't it be identical to what FSX has (in my case, FSX is loaded by AS16)? 3) I have the "Chatter" checkbox checked but I never hear (or see) any other traffic. It seems I'm the only one on the airport and I have ATC all to myself. How do I change this? Can Pilot2ATC generate AI traffic so I can see and hear them? I did not change any settings on the "AI Traffic" tab on the interface. 4) Can this be used with MCE? I like MCE handling cockpit settings and doing callouts. I've turned off ATC communications in MCE, set UseWithVoxATC=1 in MCE.ini and unchecked the box that sets the PTT switch in MCE. I was hoping that when I press the PTT switch, only Pilot2ATC would hear/respond to me. When I do this, MCE is hearing my request and trying to respond. I forget what MCE answers with but the bottom line is he is hearing what I say when I push the PTT switch...has anyone ever tried this with more success? Problems(?): 1) I'm parked at KDVT (Phoenix Deer Valley). The request, grant and acknowledgment to ground for taxi goes smoothly. At about maybe 1/4 mile from the runway hold short line, ground tells me to contact the tower. I acknowledge that and switch to the tower frequency - the tower controller tells me to switch to ground and get a taxi clearance. At this point, I can't get a taxi clearance or a clearance to takeoff. Is this a bug or did I miss something? I hope this product works well for me - I like what I see but I have more to run through before I decide. Thanks in advance for any help, Bob
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