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  1. adyfoot

    Hotfix 2 for REX Skyforce 3D available

    Hi all, I've been solely flying X-Plane for the last few months but have just started a reinstall of P3D so I can fly my favourite PMDG aircraft and also because, let's face it, X-Plane weather representation is really bad. I used to use Active Sky and ASCA but am now considering moving to Rex SkyForce. Could someone please tell me, does the Rex weather engine do smooth weather transitions now? I remember this being an issue when the product was first released but I'm hoping it's been resolved now? Thanks! Ady
  2. Full set of official Delta Airlines 777-200 ER/LR manuals including: Quick Reference Handbook - wire bound. Flight Crew Operating Manual volume 1 - ring bound. Flight Crew Operating Manual volume 2 - wire bound. Flight Crew Training Manual - wire bound. These are very rare printed so please get in touch if interested - I'm looking for offers around the £90 mark for the whole set. I am based in the UK and anticipate these will be quite expensive to ship anywhere outside of Europe due to the weight. Image of the set below. Detailed images available at:!As2OoqstwX3fgaM1mof2PTPrFDoA3g
  3. adyfoot

    Mkjs Montego Bay rwy26 released

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for a P3D version of this airport. 18 EUR seems a touch steep though, given it’s a small airport and this scenery doesn’t expand beyond the airport at all (except for traffic and birds apparently).
  4. adyfoot

    CPU-GPU temperatures

    Never leaves 38?? Even under full load? What CPU have you got please and do you overclock it?
  5. Pressing space didn't actually work for me. I put it down to some kind of alteration that ChasePlane had made to my default camera settings?
  6. Ah that's great - exactly what they should've posted as a response to the thread here. Would've straightened things out for me no problem. Instead, I saw a bit of an odd response that was unnecessarily grumpy and didn't address the outage. I'm not following FSFX Packages on Facebook so wouldn't have seen that link if you didn't post it here.
  7. Hi Jaffer, I think there are a couple of reasons that people reacted the way they did - and I'm not making excuses for the over-exaggeration or rudeness of some people. Firstly, this isn't the first time this kind of outage has happened - people expected it to be resolved from the first time. Secondly, the developer ought to have reasonably been expected to foresee this kind of thing when he implemented the copy protection method he chose. I think people are generally fairly supportive of unforeseeable events that cause outages - but the CP outage was entirely foreseeable and preventable. Regards, Ady
  8. Me too. I get that it's frustrating for the developer but he seriously annoyed me with that response - we're not all unreasonable trolls. An explanation as to what happened, and how the issue will be prevented from happening again, is not too much to ask for.
  9. Seems that the developers live in Quebec where the time is 0530 on a Sunday morning. I suspect this will not be resolved for a good few hours yet :( Just tried to launch a flight without ChasePlane and all the cameras are messed up so it's not possible. I don't have a hat switch on my yoke (Brunner CLS-E) so have no way of flying until the ChasePlane issues are resolved. Very frustrating indeed.
  10. adyfoot

    TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 gives me out of memory

    That 'tweak' shouldn't do a thing regarding autogen, it increases the resolution of your textures.
  11. adyfoot

    P3D v4 ATC Add-On

    Hi Jeroen, I found that article after posting and just came back to see if I could remove my question. I understand that everyone has a different view on things but I'm most interested in why you don't think the perfect ATC add-on exists yet. What do you think is missing from the current offerings? Thanks, Ady
  12. adyfoot

    P3D v4 ATC Add-On

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in any feedback you might have around ATC add-ons for P3D v4. It's something I think it missing from my simulator experience and I'm not a big fan of VATSIM or IVAO. I understand there are a few options but I'm not sure on the pros and cons of each and would appreciate your thoughts. Do any of the existing add-ons even support P3D v4? Thanks in advance! Ady
  13. adyfoot

    Compatability and Order of Install

    Where did you dig up this 6 year old thread from? 😂
  15. Hi Rob, Yeah I have a custom loop that is keeping temps at about 70 on 4.4GHz at 1.35v. So I think that's well within acceptable limits to not be of any concern whatsoever. Seems I have a really good chip here. It's only 2 of the 10 cores that go hot too....most hover around 55-60 during stress tests! Regards, Ady