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  1. Thanks for the nifty info. I will plan a stop in KLAX from Atlanta.
  2. I have set a plan to fly the 77L between KATL-YSSY. Will I need to do a refueling stop at either Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco? I'm thinking most likely yes.
  3. Other routes I have been working on include: LSZH-KLAX LSZH-RJAA LSZH-WSSS KDFW-EGLL KCLT-LSZH KLAX-EDDF KSFO-LSZH and many others. I was also thinking of doing LSZH-YSSY with the 77W. Will that require a refueling stop in Singapore?
  4. Thank you, and I've been using RouteFinder to program these routes.
  5. For the first part, never mind. For the second part, true.
  6. Thank you, everyone, for the much-needed info. I do want to address several things. 1. I have misread an article, and United has not started their service between KEWR-RJAA yet. That flight will be using a 77W. 2. If there are any PMDG devs reading this post, please make a 777-200ER expansion for the current 777. But then again, it'd be a lost cause since the LR already fills that role, and we can just repaint the aircraft. 3. After looking at some of the flights you guys did, just dayum. No wonder why the 777 is one of the best aircraft Boeing has ever built. 4. Thank you again. 5. About New York/Newark being farther away from Charlotte, that may have been a lie. I thought Newark was Farther away from Charlotte-Douglas INTL, however, I can still be wrong. 6.I've been planning routes and looking at flight aware, and love them. It's so cool seeing all of the flights on a screen.
  7. I have done some research and United flies their 777-200ER between Newark and Narita. The 200ER has a range of 7,065nmi. The 777-300ER has a range of 7,370nmi. That's more than enough to make it from Charlotte to Tokyo nonstop. Keep in Mind that New York/Newark is farther away from Tokyo than Charlotte is.
  8. What routes have you flown with the 77L?
  9. Okay, thank you. And sorry for my noobness.
  10. I was thinking of flying the 777-300ER from KCLT-RJAA, could I make it nonstop with this aircraft? Also, could the 777-200LR fly direct between WSSS-KEWR?
  11. Personally, I'm willing to wait a while for PMDG to develop the 737 Max. I'm well aware of what has to go into development for FSX and P3D. As for why we're not going to see it anytime soon, flight data needs to be collected from hundreds of hours of flight time. As well as who will operate it so skins can be available. If it will be an expansion of the NGX, that's great. But personally, it should be its own entity since comparing a 737 Next-Gen to a Max is like comparing a house cat to a lion.
  12. Has anyone done any repaints of the PMDG 777-200LR & 777-300ER for the stock airlines (World Travel, Pacifica, and Orbit) in FSX/FSX: SE? If so, I'd love to see the link/links. As well as repaints of those airlines for the 737NGX, QW757, Aerosoft A320 family, and PMDG 747-400 QofS II.
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