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  1. adamgd

    Pink Reality Logo

    I turned off my anti virus and reinstalled it but Norton blocked it again. It apparently dose not like the Heur.AdvML.D part of the Reality xp.dll.
  2. adamgd

    Pink Reality Logo

    I am having an issue where my 430 WAAS gps has the pink Reality XP logo displayed over my gps like I do not have a license or something. I first noticed it a few months ago, I had not been my flight sim for some time because real world flying what I was doing. I jumped on to FSX to do some approaches on PilotEdge but the gps would not work. I ended up reinstalling the hole package to get it to work. Now fast forward to December and the same thing has happened again. I don’t want to reinstall it again because I had to reset everything again. Dose anyone have any ideas?
  3. adamgd

    GPS is not controlling the HSI

    I am running FS9 with the patch and I only have the Reality 430 GPS at this time.
  4. adamgd

    Removing the 430 bezel

    Bert, I am building a mini cockpit panel. I wish I could upload a photo of what I have so far but I can't figure out how.
  5. Well I know that this simulator has been out of production for a long time but I still use it because I have spent a lot of money on add on stuff that I like use. One of the most recent additions was the Reality 430 GPS. I got it installed without much trouble but I found out that it will not control the HSI on a few of the planes that I have installed such as the Carenado Cessna 210 and Cessna 337. The GPS functions just like it should with the Reality GPS controlling com/nav 1 radio frequencies including the source for eather VLOC/GPS of the GPS but the CDI will simply not follow the flight plan of the Reality GPS. I have tried several times to use the GPS configuration tool and I even reinstalled the aircraft in question but it still will not work. One thing that is interesting is that I have other aircraft from Caenado that are older that I have no problem at all using the GPS. If anyone has the same aircraft and had this problem and fixed it I like to hear what you did to fix it. I emailed Carenado about it and they said they where working on a fix for their aircraft but the patch will only be for FSX/P3D.
  6. adamgd

    Removing the 430 bezel

    I have been using the Reality 430 GPS for a while by itself on a full sized monitor but I recently added the Desktop Aviators gps panel with a small 7" monitor. When I searched the internet I found one suggestion that needs a window created in the panel configuration file but I can't get it to work at the moment. I also found a reference that says there is a setting in the pro pack of the GPS that lets you do it, I have not been able to find this. I was aware of the limited support for this product when I bought it but I saw the recent posts here and thought I would give it a try.