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  1. That's the issue I run into more times than not - the HDG and ALT SEL will light up, but V/S and NAV and APR won't light even though they are working.
  2. I have had issues with the A/P lights not coming on - but the A/P is still working (just no indicators on the individual buttons). This can be solved by loading a default plane before loading the Falcon (at least for me). I am often a long way into the flight setup when I realize the lights don't work, so I don't often reboot and just fly that way. Not very helpful, but just letting you know I've had the same issue with the lights.
  3. I had the option set in my P3D settings. Oddly enough I haven't run into this problem before (that I know of). I have since switched it to US settings and I had flawless flight from KSBA to KSFO with the Falcon. Thank you so much for solving this issue for me.
  4. Thank you so much for the resolution to this! Living in Canada, I use metric - so I am surprised that European customers haven't run into this issue. I appreciate the help of everyone in this community.
  5. I have done the default G530 with the same result. It seems that 40 - 60 seconds off the ground, on the climb, the aircraft 'captures' the altitude and levels off. After that, if I put it back into ALT SEL, it stays in 'ARM' and will climb until tomorrow. This most recent flight, it gave the '1000 to go beep' at 800, captured at 1,800 feet (altitude selector was 6000) and leveled off. Nowhere had I selected 1,800 anything. I even started the flight with the plane running (default) on the active runway, just in case I was missing something from C/D startup.
  6. That is my next plan. Currently I am loading into the sim and disabling the VNAV option in the GTN before I setup the flight. I will see what happens.
  7. As a follow up I have tried EVERYTHING: 1. Reinstall (including killing all folders that were left behind by the Windows 10 add/remove program before the reinstall) 2. Downloading a new installer from my store account 3. Loading in a default flight first before flying When I take off, as soon as I go into AP mode, with ALT SEL and IAS, climbing for FL110 (selected in altitude selector), the plane will 'capture' at a random altitude at 2000 or 3000 feet. After that, if I try ALT SEL again, it just stays in ARM and the plane will climb all day. The only other thing I can think of is the F1 GTN with the new VNAV might have something to do with it. But I don't know how to turn that off (I turn it off in the menu but it has no effect).
  8. I've tried VS with no joy. It still either captures at odd altitudes or slowly stalls as it struggles to maintain lift. I am doing a clean install and cleaning up some files right now to see if I can fix this issue.
  9. That I will clean everything up and try again. I don't remember early beta builds of this plane behaving that way. I also have the Lear 35 and I can try with that. Other planes that use a similar system would be the AS CRJ or the Majestic Q400. I can try some other planes and see. I so appreciate the help.
  10. I start with the default F-35 on the default mission and then switch. I have also uninstalled and done a clean install a few times. I am at a loss to figure out this issue. I am wondering if it's a sim issue - but I can't figure out what would cause that in-sim versus in the actual plane.
  11. Thanks to everyone who helped me with the AOA question. The explanations cleared it right up. Now when I am on a flight, I set up the AP in the following way: 1. The desired altitude is selected 2. ALT SEL is selected on AP panel 3. IAS selected when at desired airspeed for climb What the plane is doing is A) either indicating the desired altitude has been reached well before the actual altitude (i.e. the altitude selected will read FL110 and the altimeter reads 4200ft) and the AP will switch from ALT SEL armed to ALT SEL cap and then ALT or B) the plane will blow right through the desired altitude with the ALT SEL constantly reading 'arm'. This video (while a little long and unedited) shows some examples of both the plane capturing the altitude well below the set altitude and the plane blowing through the desired altitude with the ALT SEL still saying 'armed'. (The capture occurs RIGHT at the beginning if you watch the ALT SEL light change from ARM to CAP). At 5:15 you will see it blow through the altitude.This video was made just to experiment with the altitude so please ignore everything else. 😛
  12. The altitude capture was definitely a mystery. I took screen shots to make sure I had them in case everyone thought I was going crazy. While I am an amateur sim pilot at best, I know enough to know that the behaviour was odd and wasn't something I had overlooked. I will uninstall and restart when I get home tonight and then re-install the 1.7b installation. I will also select a default plane before loading into the Falcon. I am a fan of regional and biz jets, so I am excited to tour around with this bird.
  13. This is an amazing explanation. I always thought (assumed) that it was SOP to dial in a VS and let the plane do its thing - instead of understanding correlation between the plane trying to maintain a climb performance request (from me, the pilot) and the decay of speed to maintain the desired climb. I so appreciate the time you took to type this out and explain it. Many thanks.
  14. I will give that a try. I am using P3D 4.4, but when installing the Falcon 50, I have repeatedly used the WCP Add/Remove feature but I haven't rebooted between installs. Also, I failed to mention I am using the F1 GTN750, so I am not sure if that has any effect (although last night out of CYYZ I was just using HDG mode and didn't actually have a flight plan in the system).
  15. I am really liking the updates that are happening with the Falcon 50. Each time I see an update in my inbox, I can't wait to download it and see what has been improved. Great work. I have a question about the climb speed and I am sure that I am doing doing something wrong. On take off, once I am gear up and stable, when I turn on AP, I typically dial in a VS of about 1500 FPM by doing the following: Dial in Altitude (let's say FL120 for the sake of this example), press ALT SEL, then VS, then dial in +1500. The plane begins the climb. I usually bring the throttles back at this point to maybe 80% N1 and let the plane climb. However, the plane slowly begins to lose speed and the AOA slowly moves from the green, to yellow (activating the auto slats) and then red. I turn off AP, push the nose down, recover from the stall, back to 250kts and rinse and repeat. With the same result. For some reason, I cannot get the plane to climb without stalling. I am wondering if I am missing something? I have checked trim, mach trim is on, flaps are clean, gear is up, but the plane just doesn't want to climb. Last night I managed to get to FL110 after almost 20 minutes at about 500 fpm with two stalls. Engines at TO/GA power. One other weird behaviour last night is that I had FL110 selected on the AP altitude, the plane climbed to about 3,600 feet, ALT SEL changed to CAP, then ALT and the plane leveled off as if it was at FL110. As well, the AOA meter stayed just inside the green the entire time. I feel like the plane is dragging through mud when trying to climb and all the videos I see on YT have people happily climbing at 2000 FPM with no issue.
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