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  1. Hello, I want to buy a joystick, don't want to give a lot of money, so I found one used Logitech Attack 3 for 13€. I know I can't get very good joystick for little money, I will explain what my problem is. So if anyone of you used it, I want to know how much it's axis are sensitive? What I mean by that, I had some Genius but it had big dead zone and sensitivity was bad. By bad I mean let's say I pull stick toward right, first 0.5 cm it happens nothing. After that dead zone, it acts like a button, no matter if pull it half or full plane makes fast bank. I tired to calibrate it, tried to make it work in settings by changing sensitivity, but no help. I want if I pull stick half way plane bank slower but I pull full stick plane bank faster. It bothers me especially if I need to make small corrections, no matter what axis I use, left/right or up/down. And what was even worse, axis I used for rudder was asymmetric, at right I could use full ruder, at left only about 1/3.
  2. VedSim

    [POLL] What do you think PMDG will do next?

    Why, what I saw it doesn't look bad. It's not PMDG level, but look good. Only payware that is very near PMDG is Aerosoft's A320 family, at least from my experience.
  3. VedSim

    [POLL] What do you think PMDG will do next?

    I hope they will make soon 747-8 and -8F versions. Or maybe 737 MAX. But I don't know why they don't make any of Airbus planes. We need good A330/A340 or A380. So far we have decent/good 757 (Qualitywings), 767 (Captain Sim) and there will be nice 787 from Qualitywings. I didn't fly that planes, but I'm planning to buy them because of that I saw in product description and overviews on You Tube. But there is no good A330/A340 or A380, especially A380. A330/A340 there is from Black Box, but it have a lot of bugs, but probably that will be fixed until v1.00.
  4. Well, I did something like that. I did paint my DHL livery, but when I put it in aircraft.cfg and change config in that file, like I did with other planes, it again displays British Airways livery instead DHL.
  5. I didn't used paint kit, I'm trying to change BA from default. Like I did with some other planes. They are expensive if you are living in Bosnia or Serbia...
  6. Hi, I have question, can I made my own livery and add it to JF 757 or I need to use only their paid liveries, which installs with their livery add-on manager? JF 757 is free, but liveries need to be paid. Right now I have only default BA and one of their free AA livery. I wan't to make my own DHL, I did some job and wanted to see what I did. Copied folder with textures in plane folder, made changes in aircraft.cfg file. FS do load plane, but instead my DHL textures, it displays default BA. I did convert to dds format, just like I did with some other textures that I did before for some other planes.
  7. VedSim

    Hi there!

    I don't am I at right place to introduce my self, if I made mistake, please mod or admin put the topic in right place. My name is Vedran, I am 28 years old, from Doboj, town in Bosnia. I fly with flight simulators since FS 95, but I was kid than so I didn't know almost anything. My 1st good flights happen with FS2004. Latter with FSX which I'm using now. I fly with freeware planes, because of 3 reasons. 1. My laptop ins't that good so it can't support details and demanding models of payware. I tried, but I get 7-8 fps. 2. I'm don't have time and patience to learn all that rules for payware planes. It is a lot easier to fly with in game GPS. 3. I don't have enough money to buy all that payware. I hope I will soon buy new computer, so I could fly with better setting and maybe some payware planes. Right now I flay with low to medium setting. I love all kind of planes, I fly almost all Airbus and Boeing planes, have some models of MD, DC, ERJ, CRJ. My favorite planes are Boeing 777, 747, 737, Airbus A320, A330 and A340. But from all I have most flight wih 737. I also love military planes and helicopters. Beside planes I have a lot of other interests, trains, buses, computers, cars, tanks, trucks, well all that moves, drives, flies, only I don't like motorcycles. So I think it is enough about me, I hope I will find good reasons to spend time, right with other people about common interests, find some help about FS and if I can help someone else to find their answers.