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  1. Hello, I am having this error where chaseplane will randomly disconnect from the simulator. The app itself is still there, the top left plane symbol is still green, and the app is not frozen. That is, I can still press buttons such as "Tutorials" or "Whats New" but the camera - preferences options are greyed out and the bottom says "Start your sim and flight to use chaseplane" or something of that sort. Sometimes chaseplane will reconnect and work after couple minutes but usually I have to restart the app to get it to connect to the simulator. I have experienced this problem recently(it started last weekend). Let me know if I need to generate a report file or whatnot.
  2. Hey, So I use the middle mouse button to pan around and zoom. For the past two days my chaseplane has been glitching. Suddenly the mouse will disappear from the FSX Screen and i cannot untoggle the panning function. Thus, whenever i move my mouse, the camera moves also. It doesnt stop panning around even if I click, switch tabs, or restart chaseplane. The only way to stop it is to disable middle mouse pan/tilt and zoom in the menu. This is really hampering my ability to quicky move around the cockpit. I would really love some support on this issue. If you need my chaseplane report or any other information I would be happy to provide them. Ethan
  3. I was having this exact problem and still do. I was doing an aerosoft airbus flight and this problem persisted even with chaseplane restarts and fsx restarts. Then i tried a pmdg 777 plane and it was solved. Back to aerosoft airbus a319 and problem continues. Not sure what to make of it Ethan
  4. Not experiencing consistent crashing but every couple flights my chaseplane will to crash. When i restart chaseplane it will just crash fsx. I think that you should be able to close and restart chaseplane without the simulator crashing... thanks
  5. I don't mean to be annoying but this issue has persisted with restarting sims and reconfiguring files. It occurs on all aircraft. Usually i find the views on the outside zoomed in too much and the views inside zoomed in too much as well. Pressing backspace will set zoom either at the correct distance or too far back. It is annoying to press back and "+" every time to get the view right. Also to reiterate WideViewAspect = True is set on my sim. Thanks
  6. not sure if u solved it here was my issue with flickering keys.. i used the num keys for the camera... this means that the num also effects the camera in fsx through the native assignments. Solution was to turn num lock off and no flickering smoot controls
  7. Which should it be set to and where do i find that setting... sorry dont have time to dig through forums to find where it is located Edit: found it wideview is ser to true thanks
  8. Hello, For some reason just recently (last saturday) I have begun encountering this issue. Every preset on the plane has zoomed in some past the normal value. This creates a view to close to aircraft or to far up wing or too close to instruments in cockpit. When I hit backspace the view resets to its default but will just either immediately zoom back in (in cockpit it zooms to .56 outside to .67) or when i switch views back and forth zoom back in. This is rather annoying and would love some help. I tried restarting sim and chaseplane, fixes files, resetting settings nothing has worked. Any tips? Ethan Hunt
  9. perhaps i will have mixed my cfms and iae. I will check out which plane has the problem and generate a report file.. Sorry, Ethan
  10. I have manually deactivated the hotkeys in half the planes with "//" so not sure what help this report will be. I just wanted to point this out cause i got no errors and was very confusing of why half the planes do not work. Thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- ChasePlane Report by ********************* on 1/16/2017 5:36:15 PM UTC --------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version: 0.1.97 PLV: 0.1.97 OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home .NET: 4.6 RC or later Running Sim: FSX 10.0.61637.0 Supported Current aircraft: Aerosoft Airbus A320 CFM Current aircraft cfg: C:\Microsoft Flight\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A320 CFM\aircraft.cfg ---------------------------------------------------- --------------- Installed Simulators --------------- ---------------------------------------------------- FSX "C:\Microsoft Flight" ------------------------------------------- --------------- Preferences --------------- ------------------------------------------- experimental_version = False freq_ref = 120 ctrl_freq = 60 freq_trim_ms = 1 ui_refresh_ms = 500 ui_anim_duration = 0.4 view_sel_anim_in_ms = 0.2 view_sel_anim_out_ms = 0.1 view_sel_delay = 250 mouse_middle_view_switcher = True turb_pause_ms = 1 always_on_top = False debug_show = False vas_show = True vas_warning = True vas_remaining = True vas_warning_treshold = 400 turb_wind_amplitude = 1 startup_glob_enable = True app_auto_launch = True mouse_middle_cam_look = True pause_turbs_on_mousemove = True doors_enabled = False mode_cinematic_duration = 30 mode_cinematic_delay = 10 mode_cinematic_vas_protection = True focal_offset = 0 preset_transition_time = 450 boostFactor = 10 cam_speed_multiplier = 1 gyroscopic_speed_multiplier = 1 cam_turb_factor = 5 joystick_default_dead_zone = 100 user_statistics = True auto_cpu_afinity = True cpu_afinity = 1 show_whats_new = True disable_advanced = False ------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Aircraft's Camera Definitions --------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- CFG created on 1/4/2017 1:12:54 AM UTC CFG modified on 1/16/2017 5:35:42 PM UTC [CAMERADEFINITION.000] Title = "GLARESHIELD MAIN PANEL" // (Disabled by ChasePlane)//Hotkeyselect= 1 [CAMERADEFINITION.001] Title = "MCDU I VIEW 2D" [CAMERADEFINITION.002] Title = "MCDU II VIEW 2D" [CAMERADEFINITION.003] Title = "ECAM VIEW" // (Disabled by ChasePlane)//Hotkeyselect= 2 [CAMERADEFINITION.004] Title = "PEDESTAL VIEW" // (Disabled by ChasePlane)//Hotkeyselect= 3 [CAMERADEFINITION.005] Title = "OVERHEAD PANEL VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.006] Title = "LOWER OVERHEAD" [CameraDefinition.007] Title= "CP MAIN PANEL" // (Disabled by ChasePlane)//HotKeySelect= 6 [CAMERADEFINITION.008] Title = "FO MAIN PANEL" // (Disabled by ChasePlane)//Hotkeyselect= 7 [CAMERADEFINITION.009] Title = "FCU VIEW" // (Disabled by ChasePlane)//Hotkeyselect= 8 [CAMERADEFINITION.010] Title = "MCDU I VIEW VC" // (Disabled by ChasePlane)//Hotkeyselect= 5 [CAMERADEFINITION.011] Title = "MCDU II VIEW VC" // (Disabled by ChasePlane)//Hotkeyselect= 9 [CameraDefinition.012] Title= "RADIO WXR PANEL" [CameraDefinition.013] Title= "SECOND JUMP SEAT" [CameraDefinition.014] Title= "TCAS PANEL" [CAMERADEFINITION.015] Title = "FLIGHTDECK VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.016] Title = "JUMP SEAT VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.017] Title = "LEFT SIDE WINDOW" [CAMERADEFINITION.018] Title = "RIGHT SIDE WINDOW" [CAMERADEFINITION.019] Title = "CP RADIO PANEL 2D" [CAMERADEFINITION.020] Title = "LANDING VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.021] Title = "TCAS PANEL 2D" [CAMERADEFINITION.022] Title = "UPPER OVERHEAD PANEL VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.023] Title = "LEFT WING VIEW" // (Disabled by ChasePlane)//Hotkeyselect= 10 [CAMERADEFINITION.024] Title = "REAR LEFT WING VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.025] Title = "FRONT LEFT WING VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.026] Title = "RIGHT WING VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.027] Title = "REAR RIGHT WING VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.028] Title = "FRONT RIGHT WING VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.029] Title = "LEFT ENGINE VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.030] Title = "REAR LEFT ENGINE VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.031] Title = "FRONT LEFT ENGINE VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.032] Title = "RIGHT ENGINE VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.033] Title = "REAR RIGHT ENGINE VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.034] Title = "FRONT RIGHT ENGINE VIEW" [CAMERADEFINITION.035] Title = "TAIL CAM" [CameraDefinition.0] Title = "Trailing" [CameraDefinition.1] Title = "Chase" [CameraDefinition.2] Title = "Free" [CameraDefinition.3] Title = "Lead Chase" [CameraDefinition.4] Title = "Lead" [CameraDefinition.5] Title = "Starboard" [CameraDefinition.6] Title = "Port" [CAMERADEFINITION.7] Title = "Wing Tip" [CAMERADEFINITION.8] Title = "Wing View" [CAMERADEFINITION.9] Title = "Gear View" [CameraDefinition.10] Title = "Nose" [CAMERADEFINITION.11] Title = "Main Exit" [CAMERADEFINITION.12] Title = "Right Rear Exit" [CameraDefinition.13] Title = "Tail Camera" -------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Cameras.cfg file for FSX --------------- -------------------------------------------------------- CFG created on 12/25/2016 10:36:45 PM UTC CFG modified on 12/25/2016 10:37:55 PM UTC [CameraDefinition.012] Title=On-Board(ChasePlane) HotKeySelect=1 [CameraDefinition.013] Title=Outside(ChasePlane) HotKeySelect=4 [CameraDefinition.014] Title=Static(ChasePlane) HotKeySelect=5 [CameraDefinition.001] Title=Cockpit HotKeySelect=2 //[CameraDefinition.002] //Title=VirtualCockpit //HotKeySelect=1 [CameraDefinition.003] Title=Spot [CameraDefinition.004] Title=LockedSpot HotKeySelect=3 [CameraDefinition.005] Title=FlyBy [CameraDefinition.006] Title=Top-Down //HotKeySelect=4 [CameraDefinition.007] Title=NearestTower NoSortTitle=True [CameraDefinition.008] Title=FacilitiesTower [CameraDefinition.009] Title=FacilitiesRunway [CameraDefinition.010] Title=AIPlanes [CameraDefinition.011] Title=MultiplayerPlanes --------------------------------------------- --------------- END OF REPORT --------------- ---------------------------------------------
  11. Hi guys! I recently got chaseplane... I am very impressed and happy to say it is money well spent. I have issues with the Aerosoft Airbus and was reading the topic regarding aerosoft issues. My issue is that if I am in internal view the view would revert to main panel glareshield. This meant that all my views were shifted to the right and misaligned. I would go to the cockpit view (chaseplane) and the views would fit. If I switch to external view and revert back or if I open another window it would revert back to main panel glareshield and force me to go in the menu bar and change it back. It was odd as sometimes I would have this issue and sometimes it would stay in cockpit views. After looking at the aircraft cfgs I have found the problem. In all the CFM Aircraft the CFG looks like this: _______ InitialPbh = 14.5, -0, 0 Hotkeyselect = 1 _______ In all the IAE Aircraft it is: _______ InitialPbh = 14.5, -0, 0 // (Disabled by ChasePlane)Hotkeyselect = 1 _______ This means that for every model A318, 19, 20, 21 Chaseplane only fixes only half of the views. Therefore if you fly say an IAE and align your views with the normal COCKPIT VIEW (CHASEPLANE) then fly an CFM Variant then the default view will be MAIN PANEL GLARESHIELD and your views will be misaligned. I think this will help a lot of people and can alert the folks working on Chaseplane that their changes only work on half the airbus models and to make it so they apply to all CFM and IAE variants of all types of Airbuses to avoid confusion. Thanks, Ethan Hunt
  12. I would like to bump this thread and see how to get aerosofts checklist info bar I am having the same problem it keeps returning to Glareshield Main Panel instead of On-Board(ChasePlane) when i switch between external and internal views. I cannot find the aircraft.cfg to apply the hotkey // fix where do i find it!! Thanks for your help and product.. (also first post on avsim do i have to sign my name?)
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