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  1. Thanks, the ini are exactly the same in both XP10 and XP11
  2. I dont know why but is not working. I have on the same computer xplane 10 and xplane 11, in the 10 works perfect but not in the XP11. I checked in a different computer, not working either
  3. I have installed first the GNS V2 successfully. After that, I tried to install the Hardware drive product but this product is not giving me the Xplane 11 option. So, If I understood you correctly, I should do that installation opposite? first the Driver and after that the GNS?
  4. The hardware driver is not giving me the option for Xplane 11.... so I assumed that is not working with this version?
  5. Oh, thanks, but this means that I need to buy a additional hardware driver license? I have purchased the 430 and the hardware drive but is not working in Xplane 11
  6. Hello, is the 64bits issue resolve to connect the PFD driver with XPLANE 11? Thanks
  7. Hello, do you know if the GPS works with the Oculus Rift in VR mode? Asking because Im considering buy it to practice maneuvers and instruments
  8. Hello Im getting a black screen after a clean installation. Im gettings this errors: 17/11/29 18:01:54.785 13948 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 17/11/29 18:06:27.947 01820 ERROR] Trainer Failed Task: 00000001 17/11/29 18:06:27.950 01820 ERROR] The specified procedure could not be found., code: 0000007f I tried to reinstall, revert the version... nothing works. Btw, how I can install the new RC?
  9. myanezt


    The trainer don't have any aerodynamica, either engine real data ...
  10. myanezt


    I think is a real good bet, aside FlyTheSIm which is start as crazy 1500$, there is not competence. Having in mid how many Xplane user are....
  11. myanezt


    Hello, is there any plan to simulate the G1000... there is a trainer from garmin and some companies have released it for FSX and P3D.... I think Xplane user will be thrilled ...
  12. yes, they have one file per dash and another per dot. Dont know how they have programmed that dash_MIDDLE.wav dash_OUTER.wav dot_INNER.wav dot_MIDDLE.wav
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