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  1. Hello, do you know if the GPS works with the Oculus Rift in VR mode? Asking because Im considering buy it to practice maneuvers and instruments
  2. Hello Im getting a black screen after a clean installation. Im gettings this errors: 17/11/29 18:01:54.785 13948 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 17/11/29 18:06:27.947 01820 ERROR] Trainer Failed Task: 00000001 17/11/29 18:06:27.950 01820 ERROR] The specified procedure could not be found., code: 0000007f I tried to reinstall, revert the version... nothing works. Btw, how I can install the new RC?
  3. myanezt


    The trainer don't have any aerodynamica, either engine real data ...
  4. myanezt


    I think is a real good bet, aside FlyTheSIm which is start as crazy 1500$, there is not competence. Having in mid how many Xplane user are....
  5. myanezt


    Hello, is there any plan to simulate the G1000... there is a trainer from garmin and some companies have released it for FSX and P3D.... I think Xplane user will be thrilled ...
  6. Hi, any update in this one? Looks like can be a big improvement be able to detach the GTN and move to a touchscreen
  7. yes, they have one file per dash and another per dot. Dont know how they have programmed that dash_MIDDLE.wav dash_OUTER.wav dot_INNER.wav dot_MIDDLE.wav
  8. Thank you Jean, additionally I have an PFC CR and they have mapped the PFC 430 with an wav files that reproduce the morse. I think that should be easy to map same way on the RXP.
  9. HI, is possible identify the VOR and LOCs? I mean the push button that the real garmin have in order to listen the morse VOR codes..
  10. Yes, but they need make the X11 compatible with PFC USB too....
  11. I have two computers, one is running 3 X-PLane instances for visuals. The other one have two XPlane instances, 1 for the instruments and the hardware and another instance with the GTN. Each instance have a monitor, the second one is a touchscreen. Everything works fine except that in an Xplane network is not possible have multiple masters, as they instance running the GTN is an slave, I can see everything working on the GPS, touch, load approach, etc but I cannot provide input to the instruments on the screen 1, neither autopilot, radios, etc.... since is only a slave.
  12. Hello, I have a question here... I know that PFC is selling a stand alone 530 unit that use Reality XP and works with XPLANE. If not possible undock it, how are they doing that?
  13. I have this same setup, one machine with the gauges and another touch for the gtn. What I did is running two instance of Xplane on the same machine, and install the GTN on the touch. The main problem of that is that the Xplane dont allow two master machines, so in example that you want to configure a RNAV apprach... the VOR receiver is not going to get the signal.
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