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  1. If I can help someone else, I certainly will not hesitate. Your support has been outstanding! Thank you!!
  2. Ok!! Thank you for the information and all the help provided!! The RXP GTN works great!!
  3. Success!! It really helps if you knew what you are doing!! Everything seems to work fine except the knobs (frequency and volume). They work on the popup but not on the gauge on the panel? Also, how do I enable or disable Traffic in the gauge settings? Where are the gauge settings? The RXP GTN is alittle different than the F1 GTN. Thanks again for your help and patience!!
  4. Bert, I successfully loaded the Reality XP GTN 750 to the Carenado 340, however, it's not what I expected!! The RXP 750 has replaced the HSI and fits within the HSI bezel. I still have the F1 GTN 750 in the original location where Carenado wanted it to be placed. Can the RXP 750 be moved to this location, without being a popup, so that the HSI shows up in it's original position? Also, the icons, Traffic, Weather, and Services are muted, not as bright, as the other icons. Is that how it is supposed to be? Sorry for all the questions!! Thanks for your help!!
  5. Bert, I have purchased the Reality XP GTN 750 and downloaded it on my computer. Can you please guide me thru the process of replacing the F1 GTN with the RXP version for my Carenado SF 340? Thanks!! As I stated earlier, my sim platform is P3D v 4.5.
  6. Thanks to both of you for your encouraging news!! I have been hesitating to purchase the Reality XP GTN 750 because I was not sure whether it could be integrated into the Carenado SF340. I have been flying the aircraft with the F1 GTN 750 with no problems until awhile ago. It starts off great, but toward the end of the flight it lags in performance, especially when I load an approach, it has problems following the course and overall hesitates each time I click on a new icon. They recently provided an update. Since then the GTN performance went downhill. But according to the latest post, the up coming Windows 2004 update will provide corrections or the Windows Game Mode should or should not be disabled!! By the time I read all of the opinions, I was completely confused!! So, I think it's time to purchase the Reality XP GTN. I will get back to you, Bert, about replacing the F1 GTN in the SF 340. Thanks!!
  7. Thank you for your quick response!! Sounds easy to me!! One quick question - can the Reality XP GTN 750 be integrated into Carenado aircraft that only integrate the F1 GTN 750? I have sent an inquiry to Carenado about the SF 340 aircraft which only integrates the F1 GTN 750. Thanks for your help.
  8. I have been trying to purchase the GTN 750 with the 30% off coupon. I downloaded the coupon, opened the file and saw symbols, letters, etc. But no coupon code/number. I then tried to download the e-commerce file and was blocked by windows 10 defender, warning of a virus!! My sim platform is P3D v4.5. Any help will be appreciated!!
  9. I am totally confused about what I need to do after downloading PTA v 2.67!! I have P3D V 4.5 with HOTFIX 2. I have been using PTA v 2.66 with Environment Force and Sky Force 3D - No Problems!! After downloading and activating PTA v 2.67, I saw 5 shader file errors: Cloudfx. Generalfx, GPUTerrainfx, FuncLibraryfxh, HDR.hisl. I am assuming that I need to replace the client file in P3D? Not sure if I want to do this?? Your help will be appreciated!!
  10. Consider yourself a Windows guru!! I was able to give myself (User) "Full Control" over the aircraft.cfg file. I now have N390GM in my P3D hangar!! Thank you for your help!!
  11. No - When I try to apply the texture information to the aircraft.cfg, it tells me that access has been denied to the P3D v 4.5 aircraft.cfg.!!
  12. Is it possible to create a repaint/texture for Greg's Premier 1D for Prepared 3D v 4.5? Thank you!
  13. Is it possible to create a repaint/texture for Greg's Premier 1D for P3D v4.5?
  14. Yeah!!! Preset has been applied successfully!! Thank you for your patience and help, I certainly appreciate it. The big problem, I guess, was the shaders not being found? Once the preset has been applied, does PTA need to be left on or can I turn it off while flying in P3D? Thanks again!!
  15. No. It is a .rar file. PTA2-Saldo 4_5 v16 -Mai.rar
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