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  1. Ahh.found.it. It's called "Gps Nearest Button" in FSUIPC
  2. I have the same personal challenge but I don't quite get the solution (to make the CDI hardware button work using FSUIPC). There is no KEY_GPS_NEAREST_BUTTON selection in FSUIPC... Can you please give me the steps to configure this? I know there are FSUIPC and RXP .ini files that may need some entries but need some handholding please :)
  3. I just installed the 2.3.5 RC and it's working now :) Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for your note! I'm unable to get the GPS buttons to work using FSUIPC. The Com buttons do work when mapped using FSUIPC but none of the "GPS..." commands function. When I click the Proc button in the FSUIPC setup, the button press is recognized, but checking the "Select for FS Control" and selecting "GPS Procedure Button" doesn't work. Is there some other step I'm missing?
  5. What's the status on this bug fix? I haven't seen a new version or am I missing something?
  6. Yeah I had the same issue - they identified a bug in 2.3.4 and said they will have a fix sometime today
  7. Prior to 2.3.4 I had my hardware buttons configured through FSUIPC5 using "Buttons+Switches". For example, my Enter button is set to the "Gps Enter Button" (Control sent when button pressed) I didn't have to do anything to the RXP.ini file and the hardware worked fine. I assumed that since they don't work anymore that I have to do something to get it to work now with 2.3.4 but I'm hearing from you that nothing changed in this regard. That makes me think there is a bug preventing FSUIPC5 to work with 2.3.4. Any suggestions?
  8. Updated to v2.3.4 but my buttons no longer work (via FSUIPC). I see some features have changed but I am not clear how to reassign my hardware buttons Instructions on using the .ini file are not clear to me - can anyone help?
  9. This thread answered my question: Looks like this is a known issue with P3Dv4.1 - looking forward to the RXP update!
  10. Up until I upgraded to P3D 4.1 today I was able to use the GNS530 as my FMS replacing a Proline on the Carenado CJ AP worked beautifully in Nav and approach mode with my flight plan and procedures Now that I applied the 4.1 patch the Nav mode on Autopilot doesn't work anymore - the plane just turns North in Nav mode rather than flight to the waypoints I know there's a RXP patch coming out for 4.1 - is this issue to be expected and will the patch fix something like this?
  11. I actually never had an older version of the trainer. I used to use MindStar which one could update with realnav. Unfortunately that isn't P3Dv4. There is always something!
  12. Reading through that thread, it appears that the RXP GTN database (which is not the latest Garmin 6.21.1) will work with the GNS, but Garmin evidently changed their schema in 6.21 so that it won't work. How can I get an older version of the GTN database? If that is really compatible, it would be nice if RXP could make that available for their GNS customers. Any chance of that?
  13. OK so it looks like a one time update cost of $129 for USA Navigation https://fly.garmin.com/fly-garmin/support/pricing Is that what I need to buy to get a recent database?
  14. How do we update the Garmin database? Flying on PilotEdge so I need new(ish) approaches, SIDS and STARs...This may be answered elsewhere but can't find it now...thanks!
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