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  1. So i just bought the expansion for the pmdg B748, and with that there is an update to the 744 as well, in which one has to uninstall and reinstall the 744. So i do that, and i want to add my tomato profiles again, but i get the "Failed to read the selected profile file. It might be not available or is incompatible with this version". I have tried to remove all of my 747 liveries, i tried to reinstall the profiles.. I still get the error :/ Hopefully someone out here can help me with this issue, Thanks in advance
  2. Thing is i have everything installed on another drive, on D and not C. And no i dont have AS running on a 2nd PC. (http://prntscr.com/jtlfuz) And do the .xml file go anywhere or do you just want me to check if its there? My simulator is installed into D drive, and there is nothing on the C drive either with something called simconnect.xml or .cfg for that sake. only in the AS as shown in the screenshot that i have linked too.
  3. Hi Michael. By client you mean the AS16 simconnectfiles folder right? I dont have any simconnect.xml in the Server PC.
  4. This literally happened from day to day, after an update i was forced to do by AS16. Very odd, i was about to do a groupflight and i had just finished another flight without any problems prior to that group flight. I then restarted my sim, and AS16 wanted me to update. So i did, then when i started up my sim, loaded in, it kept on saying "Waiting for simulator" as if my sim wasnt started which it was. Everything was loaded in. Chaseplane is the same problem. It doesn't see if my sim is on. Also i cant click anthing in the add-ons tab in the sim. GSX or sode or anything like that, nothing responds. Projectfly and flychrono has 0 problems, they work flawless. I also tried to reinstall the QW787, to see if the hotfix did anything wrong to my sim since that was the latest thing after AS i installed. But nothing there as well. I have even tried to reinstall the client but that did nothing. I hope someone out there with a smart brain can help me out with this, i am desperate.
  5. This is something i have experienced a couple of times, but just ignored or restarted the sim. But its bugging me. In the middle of the flight i realise that the flight levels and speed hasnt loaded. Like on this screenshot: As you can see i have entered in the 2 first waypoints manually. When i enter it into a waypoint manually it will load for the entire flightplan like if everything was normal. http://prntscr.com/izmm9k. And then the FMC spasms and then it goes back to the one i posted above. And it doesnt even show me a T/D. Any solutions to this problem?
  6. Hi there. So i've been wanting to write this question/problem for a long time now but i've been to lazy to actually do it. So yeah as the title says, i have uninstalled, downloaded and installed the new update for ENGM that was published some time ago in which it features SODE and animated passengers. Thing is, i have been uninstalling and installing over and over again, yet i'm not getting SODE or anything like that. I hope there is a solution to this. Regards.
  7. Hi there. after a week of not flying, i come home and had to redownload and reactivate PTA, and i get these errors: ERROR: shader file D:\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\Cloud.fx is not original Prepar3D shader and can't be used ERROR: shader file D:\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\General.fx is not original Prepar3D shader and can't be used ERROR: shader file D:\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\GPUTerrain.fx is not original Prepar3D shader and can't be used ERROR: shader file D:\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\FuncLibrary.fxh is not original Prepar3D shader and can't be used ERROR: shader file D:\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\PostProcess\HDR.hlsl is not original Prepar3D shader and can't be used How can i fix this? Thanks in advance
  8. https://prnt.sc/fnwk27 https://prnt.sc/fnwk5o As you can see in the screenshots above, my clouds on the external view are very grey. But in the cockpit they look fine. I assume its some settings in either AS16 or ASCA ? Hope someone can help. Regards,
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