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  1. neos63

    737NGX - loss of click spots in VC (FSX-SE)

    Hello . it happened to me even after installing the scenery, I had forgotten to use vector configurator. After configuring the altitudes the problem has disappeared. I do not know if this is your case and if you have scenery or ORBX products. Paolo Rognoni
  2. I have had this problem with win7 and FSX and FSX 737ngx when I went out without starting from the systems and the engines completely. , back to the airport and fully ngx737 restart and then I went out to FSX. so the error does not occur to me at leas
  3. neos63

    Undetected Warning Sound

    There Always more to learn............. Paolo
  4. neos63

    Norwegian Air Shuttle Livery Bundle

    Hi Christian Thanks for the nice job of repainting. Paolo
  5. neos63

    MTOW Confusion, using TOPCAT

    Hi Change the values manually in the configuration Aircraft page TOPCAT.
  6. neos63

    Missing Glideslope diamond on PFD

    Is not set correctly both course ILVR is not 268° as it Yellow .
  7. neos63

    How to circle at 10 nm from VOR in PMDG 737?

    Enter the frequency of the VOR in NAV1 or NAV2 and magically arrow appears in the navigation display, so for NDB.
  8. neos63

    How to circle at 10 nm from VOR in PMDG 737?

    Hi In the appropriate nautical charts are the procedures for approaches, with the all rilevant data.
  9. neos63

    Where is your 737 now?

    Parking n° 1 EDDR
  10. neos63

    VNAV disconnecting

    Hi When the route , sid and star are not properly inserted LNAV or VNAV not work. Paolo
  11. Hi Thanks , it worked for me too ! Paolo
  12. neos63

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Hi I have a request please , this livery: SAS Boeing 737-800 "Disney Planes" LN RCY video livery Thanks Paolo