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  1. The human minds hates a vacuum of information, and likes to fill in the blanks. While many (if not most) here are lambasting the media for wild speculating, we are doing exactly the same thing! If you don't believe me, read the thread... I have watched CNN TV for many hours, and I have to say that they keep repeating that scenarios being discussed are only speculations, except when the info comes from official sources - (which are usually wrong). Personally I have nothing against speculationsm but I rankle at some of the high-and-mighty lambasting of others.But I would rather lilten to repetitive reportings of CNN than hours of discussions about Justin Bieber's latest problems. Some of the CNN experts seem rather ignorant about some aspects of flight simulation, or even of fundamental things like waypoints - unless they are trying to simplify for an audience who mostly know nothing about flying or simulations. Maybe they should have asked Tom to suggest a few experts from these forums (who know? Maybe they did...). Henri
  2. 1. The problem with Goodfellow's interesting analysis is that it excludes all other scenarios. The first principle of an investigation is to NOT exclude any possible scenarios from the start. 2. The investigation is not been carried out by the news media, but by a number of investigation teams. The news media are simply exploiting the interest and CNN clearly calls speculation just what it is. It is clear that the information presently available (to us) does not allow reducing the number of possible scenarios to a single one. 3. No one is blaming the pilots yet, but the Captain is the person responsible for his plane and the safety of his passengers, so if foul play is a possibility, it is normal that the pilots be at the top of the list of potential suspects. Henri
  3. I have the same problem with the Rotterdam EHRD ILS localizer ILS 24. The default FSX aircraft see it but not the Q400. The frequency is the same as FSX in Plan G. Does the above mean that the Q400 has its own database of frequencies? The above seems to say that there is a file somewhere with the right frequencies for the Q400. Where is this file located and how can I find the frequencies for the Q400? Henri
  4. You can put this plane into cold and dark in about 10 seconds when you are properly parked. Just turn off paks and air conditioning, then turn off the fuel and batteries and you are in C&D. Some other switches are not turned off in some airlines.Make sure you are not connected to external power, if so turn if off. Henri
  5. This is a bit complicated for me. Can the 777 FMC computer be programmed essentially like the 737 NGX without using tables, if one is not too concerned about saving a few bucks of fuel, and is willing to do a bit of "reasonable" guesswork (or to let the FMC do it...)?
  6. Wow, a triple negative! I still haven't figured out if you mean that they would say that it is or that it isn't hardcore, my brain boggles halfway through... Henri
  7. Fly Tampa recently put out a payware version of CYUL Montreal that looks very good. Also excellent nearby is the freeware Quebec Airport CYQB as well as the free Quebec City area with most of the major buildings. Henri
  8. Where are the 747 400x liveries? I recently bought this plane and can't find any liveries on the PMDG site. Henri
  9. I installed it into Prepar3D and it works fine except that the speed bug is not visible. I probably used the migration tool to install it, I don't remember for sure.Most FSX aircraft also work in P3D, but note that some models have EULAs that say you should not install them into Prepar3D. Henri
  10. How do you change the LOC frequency? Right now the runway 27 frequency gives you the lateral, but no glideslope which is frustrating because 27 is the active runway and with MyTraffic, if I land on runway 9 I always meet an airliner going the other way. Henri
  11. No that pier is not included. About blurry scenery, it is important to know that the resolution of photographic scenery strongly depends on the resolution settings of FSX. With high rfesolution settings, the terrain quality of NAS terrain is excellent even from 1000 feet altitude. At 1500 feet, it is as good as the 3D buildings on the airport. Of course if you get further away as usual the scenery gets blurry whereas the 3D buildings stay sharp. Henri
  12. As i said above, most of the scenery on the NAS is low-resolution photographic, that is it looks good only from a few thousand feet up. There is not much 3D scenery added to that area. However I might have missed something. The Ronald Reagan carrier in port was already there in the default FSX scenery. However the Midway carrier along the coast on the way to the convention center has been added, as well as some ships in the naval yard. Henri
  13. I bought it and installed it on both FSX and Prepar3D. No installation problems, and not much noticeable effect on fps. The airport is very nice and there is some additional photographic scenery in addition to a few new buildings. When you install you have options to install a few extras like static aircraft (I didn't because I have Mytraffic) and some marinas. I was a bit disappointed that the marina in front of the Marriott hotel does not have any boats, but the ones adjacent to the airport do (some already had in the default scenery). The Horton Plaza shopping center near the convention center is not there except in photographic detail, which is only nice if you are flying high. The Naval Air Center nearby has mostly photographic scenery. The airport itself is very complete. I recognized the passenger overpass over the road as one leaves the terminal to get to a taxi, and all the roads and highways, parking lots etc are there in 3D. The runways are much improved as well as the terminal buildings. I use Ultiate Terrain, Fscene and MyTraffic 2013, and there does not seem to be any conflict. The scenery is installed in a folder in the addon scenery folder and is enabled automatically, so installation could not be easier. San Diego is one of my favorite flying areas, because I go there every year for a convention, so for me the 20 bucks is worth it. Henri
  14. I strongly recommend the Simplates X Ultra Ipad version. I can have the charts on my Ipad without having to worry about stealing frame rates from FSX or P3D. I nver had a problem downloading a chart, and all the airports I have tried so far had every chart I needed, whether it is SIDs, STARs, Approach charts or airport charts. Even smaller airports like CYQB have all the charts. Large airports like KLAX or EHAM have dozens of charts. But there are no sectional charts. For example, I checked out the charts for the PMDG 737 NGX Tutorial 1, and indeed the Gatwick and Amsterdam charts needed for the tutorial are all there and a lot more. Sure you can get free charts on the web, but here you have it all a few clicks away for a relatively low price. (I can't check the price for the Ipad because prices don't show for apps already purchased, but I think the Ipad version I have is cheaper than the PC version). Henri
  15. I found to my chagrin that we have at least 3 different sources of airport information, the FSX database, the PMDG database and the FSC database, and it was at the Frankfurt airport that I found out when on my first attempt my autoland landed at an angle to the runway, and on my second attempt landed in the grass beside the runway. There are 3 things you can do about it: 1) Spend hours (and money) every month updating all of your databases; 2) take not of airports that have contrary data to what you normally use and don't land there any more; 3) take it as part of the game's challenge and land by hand when it happens (I do the latter). Pilot to tower: "Tower, your runway has moved!"Tower to pilot:"Don't ask me, I only started yesterday." Henri
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