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  1. Yes, I fully agree with you - I also do the same for some actions. PS. Thanks to both of you for useful tips !
  2. In joystick profile form you see two column : first column is for joystick button assigned but for what is the second one ?
  3. I downloaded the plane, unpacked into a separate folder and copied unpacked files into related folders of p3d.Basically it flies but the a/p does not work correctly. I think we may forget it for P3D4. By the way, this model is available at avsim.su site but w/o installer. It works in FSX quite well.
  4. Thanks for the link ! I know it but as I told I was not sure if it works in P3D v. 4.3 (my present setup). KLN90 was not installed at original an-24 und anyway it is not be able to work with its A/P. If you like this plane you should use an old style navigation like RSBN, VOR, NDB... You may also try to run An-24 in XP 10/11 - English version of gauges is available there.
  5. Did you try An-24 in P3D4 ? I believe it does not work correctly. I am trying to trace the Russian intetnet forums and have never heard about working plans in 64-bits version of p3d.
  6. Unfortunately, not available at the moment. As far as I know, Tu-134 is under development but it is not clear when it is ready. The last working versions of Tu-134, -154, An-24 are for P3D3 only.
  7. Thanks, I have to buy it. I like it from X-plane.
  8. Is the plane now compatible with P3d v4.3 ? I was not able to find the exact info. Thanks !
  9. Thanks for your prompt reply ! I suppose it is. Maybe somebody has this tutorial as a pdf or doc file and may post it once again.
  10. Dear All, is it possible to get this very useful and excellent manual placed on the first page with pictures. I am not able to see them - only names of the files instead of pictures. Thanks !
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