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  1. Thanks for the reply. I will be a while learning the PMDG 737 so I'll get ChasePlane anyway as it looks great and I need all the help when looking at gauges. David
  2. Hi guys, Does ChasePlane work with Oculus Rift? I know it has TrackIR support. I'm learning the PMDG 737 NGX and I'm not using the Oculus yet but when I tried some of the overhead switches are to far back and some can't be read due to the angle. Cheers, David
  3. Cheers guys. Feeling the support. :-)
  4. Hi Again Maarten, I think I will do just that and subscribe for a month and get all the up to date data and use this until I have learnt more about my PMDG 737 NGX. Thanks for your help. It's appreciated. Mav.
  5. Hi Guys, to answer your question Maarten in would appear that airways are missing when manually typing them in. Not recognized is usually what appears in the scratch pad. I'm assuming that some of the airways have changed since the release of 1108 and the fact the charts I'm using are newer as well which I think leads to more confusion for the FMC and me :-)
  6. Hey Guys, I’m a little confused with regard to the FMC. I have flown Flight Sims for years and just recently decided to Get Prepar3d V4 and start my collection of all things Flight Sim again in 64bit. So I bought PMDG 737NGX. Love it but I find my knowledge lacking. I have been through the manuals but my problem is to do with the FMC being cycle 1108, I think. I have run tutorial a couple of times and thought why don’t I try and programme a route from Edinburgh to Heathrow to practice my learning so far. So the FMC is cycle 1108 which is 2011 eighth cycle I think. How do I get charts for this cycle that allow me to plot a route? I have looked at some sites and some are 2016, 2012, etc. Will I have to subscribe to Navigraph to get everything on the same cycle/date/charts to allow me to plan routes? Cheers, Mav
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