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  1. Had to get the popcorn out for this thread (and the other one which I missed), nicely done Kyle. Amazes me how far people will go to not have to admit they're in the wrong.
  2. Do you have a link for this? I'm not saying it isn't true just curious.
  3. Not sure where you're getting that from but Kyle has not once even hinted that you'll need to re-purchase.
  4. I personally don't believe anything I said was unreasonable..the easier we can make it for the team the better for everyone.
  5. You do know that this isn't supported by PMDG at all...and you'll get no support. Also first and last names on your posts.
  6. They had to make further changes to the install mechanics, hence the requirement to re-download the installers.
  7. They've mentioned the uninstall in every update related post.
  8. Hi I ran Chase Plane today after updating to P3D v4 Hotfix 1 and the app updated itself, however I now get the following error messages when launching. This still happens after being reverted to the stable channel and also re-installing the app and deleting the cache. Any ideas? http://imgur.com/PDF8IlH http://imgur.com/8UXU06M Thanks
  9. It definitely isn't released yet for v4. So however you have got it installed, isn't supported by PMDG and I would suggest removing it.
  10. If you open the OC, select your 777 for P3D v4 and select Version, does it say up to date?
  11. Hi Very small issue but I've noticed when selecting the 777 for P3D in the OC (either v3 or v4) the tail on the aircraft shows FSX and a yellow graphic rather than P3D with a green background. Regards Mark
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