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  1. Open custom scenery folder. Scroll to bottom and open scenery pack config file with Notepad. Make sure Global Airports is below your OMDB scenery. Save the changes. Close the folder.
  2. I can only speak to my own experience. I use TG with Dynamic checked off on the add-on options and slider to the max for airliners. GA is also enabled. No problems. I have plenty of payware airports/airliners and some freeware with the "no static" download selection. I enjoy the product.
  3. I've had Traffic Global for several months. The adjustable traffic slider, nice aircraft modeling, region specific liveries, and engine sounds have really added to my flight sim enjoyment. I use it with 11.53 Vulkan. (i7-9700, 16GB, RTX2080Super)
  4. Hello and here's my problem. Due to a series of errors on my Steam version I unfortunately validated the local files on the Steam version, lost the content, uninstalled and reinstalled the Steam MSFS. I was prompted to update with a 100 Gig download to my the in-game suggested appdata folder chain. After doing so, I restarted game and was presented with the same update instructions I had received previously. Can't proceed to the "world" start screen. Has anyone had this issue and solved it. If so, I'd appreciate the solution. Thanks Pete
  5. Maybe, but I lost all the Packages/Official content. I deleted the asobo specific airport only after trees appeared on the tarmac of my payware version this morning. I'll amend this post if the update corrects my problem (and trees at the payware airport).
  6. Thanks for the response, Vic. I started my Steam version and MSFS prompted me to download 98 gig of "recommended content". I hit the install button and am watching the download. Don't know how this all happened but, if it works out, it will be a long time before I open the Packages/Official folder again. Pete
  7. My MSFS Packages/Community has the mods and payware airports as expected. My Packages/Official folder is where it should be but all its content is gone. Earlier this morning I had deleted one asobo airport to accommodate a payware version, but it appears that in doing so I must have somehow caused the entire folder content to subsequently disappear. So, here is my question for the forum: Has anyone encountered this result and could they share their conclusions with me? By the way, I have the Steam deluxe/premium versions and have already tried the validation of local files. I'm reluctant to uninstall/reinstall the entire program, but would do so if there are no ready alternatives. Regards, Pete
  8. So far I'm very pleased with the sim. Just enjoyed a thrill ride in the A320 from EGLL to LIRF. Perfect? Nope. Never expected that. Beat my expectations? Yep. My thanks to all who put so much of their effort into the product. Where else could I have purchased the world for 120 bucks!
  9. Have you tried loading from left MCDU, DATA, 2nd page, pilots routes?
  10. Firstly, I'm an FSX:SE user on an FSX:SE forum. So I won't (and can't) comment on P3D. I've been thinking about the original post and can't come up with an easy solution. I run ORBX products including all the land classes and most of the regions. I also run with MyTraffic, Vector, ActivSky, Navigraph, and loads of payware airports. I've learned to confine my PMDG 747 to AustralAsia/SA and I keep my PMDG 737 out of USA regions. Most of my flying is in Europe between payware airports while monitoring VAS occasionally. I've learned that I can't fly out of payware EGLL to payware EDDF without doing a pause/save/reload at TOD. I've also learned that I shouldn't sit on wingtips or clouds unless I want to risk OOM. All my flying is in VC mode. Other than a mega-refresh going on the background I can't explain your OOM. But I think there's plenty of entertainment left in this old flightsim.
  11. Folder is in C/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/common/FSX
  12. It appears we have similar setups. I too use SimBrief for my route planning, but found that in some instances Navigraph wouldn't recognize (allow the "save") for the upper airways suggested by SimBrief. All was good when I manually deleted the "U" prefix from the airway designator. I always manually input the SimBrief route into the Navigraph route planner, validate the route through the Save and then input the plan into fmc. Good luck.
  13. I use FSX:SE and have the Heathrow airport from Aerosoft. I'm not sure this is a fix for you, but on several occasions I've had success auto-installing to FSX when FSX:SE should have worked.
  14. Hello all, I'd appreciate any of your comments. I have followed the instructions for uninstalling and reinstalling the 400 and get the activation error mentioned earlier. I have already purchased the 800, but can't use it because of the 400 authentication issue. I have not yet installed the 800. After reading the PMDG response to some of these same questions, I'm more confident that you users can help me. I would much appreciate any help from one of you who may have already solved the authentication error message (the 50003, etc. error message). Pete Donaldson
  15. I hope that a real world airline pilot can answer this question for me. Here's some background. I'm retired now after a career in finance, including aircraft from the PSA Bae146 to the more recent BBJ1. The career included the finance of business jets and various other fixed/rotary wing aircraft. I began flight sim three years ago and have the FSX and x-plane platforms with some wonderful aircraft from PMDG and other excellent developers. I'm presently looking hard at the Flight Factor 320 as my birthday present (to myself, of course). While explaining my desired "gift" to my wife, I found myself saying that these aircraft are "study-level" and close to the real thing in behavior and avionics. Then I paused. Is that true? Would a real world airline pilot have a straight face while telling me "Yes, Pete, these virtual aircraft are as close to the real thing as you can get without sitting in a $3 million dollar simulator". And yep, I've financed those too. I know this is a long-winded question, but can some pilots tell me these study-level aircraft are the real deal? I truly apologize if this subject has been covered before. Any response would be much appreciated. Pete
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