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  1. Hello, I have seen that some people have white numbers on the pedestal instead of orange like mine are... IS there a way to get these white numbers. I do not mean the mcp, but the pedestal and overhead panel. I have tried to change the colours in the colours.ini file, but it didn't work. Thanks all! Sam!
  2. Thank you very much for your help! I just did this thanks to you! However, the changelog updates stated did not change on mine. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, I am trying to update the 737NGX for FSX:SE. I clicked download update in the operations manager, but when I reload the operations manager, the update is still showing available to download and it seems like it did not update. Please could someone help?! I have the NGX box edition, and the operations manager won't update the product and get ri of the update notification appearing in the notifications section. Please help! Many thanks, Sam!
  4. same! Very annoying! Please FIXXXXXXXXXX! Thanks!
  5. Ok thank you Jim. Much appreciated have a a good day Sam 😀
  6. Hello everybody, when I check the shadow option in FSX and put the ForceVCshadow (or whatever it is) in my FSX.cfg, the shadows in the pmdg 737 and other aircrafts virtual cockpit is really blurry. will buying and using the DX10 fixer by Steve fix this and make them smooth and nice looking? is there a shadow setting in the fixer please and will this option make the shadows clear? thank you! Sam
  7. Thank You for your quick reply... This works Thank You so much. Have a great day Sam
  8. Hello thank you for your reply. On approach even with 2 white and 2 red, the PAPI lights are way to bright and big with preview DX10 enabled in FSX setting... They are "blinding" and can't see the runway by only the PAPI lights in good visibility Thank You! Sam
  9. Hi Steve, thank you for your reply... the PAPI lights are like this with every airport with default or payware scenery. Mice tried reinstalling the sceneries and reloading the sim for default sceneries but it is still there. In this example, it is UK2000 EGSS Stansted. But again, it's with every airport. Thank You! Sam
  10. Hello, I want to buy Steve's DX10 fixer for FSX:SE but I'm worried that it wont fix what i want it to... When using Direct X 10 my payware and freeware scenery's have a problem... The PAPI lights to the left of the runway are way to big and bright http://imgur.com/l3CPZ4S - sorry about quality, i had to take the picture on my phone. My question is, Will the DX10 fixer fix this issue with Direct X 10 and fix the PAPI lights so the PAPI lights are small and normal like with DX9? I don't want to buy it if it doesn't fix this as this is the only issue I have. Thank you, Sam
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