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  1. The GTN and GNS products are looking really good, congrats. They'd be a definite buy for me, if only the databases were updatable for a reasonable cost. I understand why that's not possible, just wishful thinking. I can't afford the official Garmin subscription prices. Good luck with the launch!
  2. Yeah you should be good with TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9. I think 9 is the best setting for an 8GB card, as I believe your 1070 would be. Should only take you to around 50% VRAM use, and you'll have nice sharp textures out to a very good distance. Probably works well on 6GB cards too, but likely too high for 4GB cards.
  3. Same experience here. I experimented with TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 and it caused load time to be extremely long. I don't know if that's because I only have 8GB on my 1080 (non-Ti), but when it finally loaded I observed (using CPUID HWMonitor) my video memory usage was at 99%. I backed it off to TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 and load time is much more reasonable (perhaps a couple minutes) and video memory use is around 50% give or take depending on geo location. I think 8GB is just a little too low for EXP=10, unfortunately. I wonder if I can use EXP=9.5? I know you say you haven't played with TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP, but you could try installing HWMonitor (it's free) and check your VRAM usage. If you're up near 100% then maybe you need to lower some settings (texture resolution perhaps, or LOD radius) to free up some VRAM and improve load times. Good luck, -R
  4. Ditto. I just had a real life flight a week ago, though, and noticed that the blue runway and taxi edge lights and much (if not all) of the other lighting off the runway were elevated above ground level on posts. Guessing this is so that snow/grass/etc. doesn't cover them? The lighting on the runways (centrelines, etc), however, should obviously be on the ground, and in the sim I see it floating above the ground. I noticed this right off the bat in the vanilla install of v4, and was disappointed.
  5. Yeah, I think the 1070 would be the next-best choice, if you're not able to go with a 1080 for whatever reason, unless Nvidia release a 1070Ti. I agree, 29" ultrawide may seem small (in the vertical dimension, particularly). For flightsims, it seems to me that bigger is better!
  6. I'd highly recommend going with the 1440p monitor, especially at 34". You'll notice a lot less aliasing ("jaggies"), everything will look sharper and more detailed (obviously). I'm running 4K at 27" and the clarity is so beautiful (and helpful): tiny trees atop mountain ridges are nicely defined at a distance, autogen at a distance looks wonderful, airports are easier to locate and see details in when approaching, cockpit gauges and labels are much more readable without zooming/leaning in (Track IR), all significantly better compared to my 1440p 27" monitor. I think 34" 1080p will be very pixelated, and your monitor will be with you for a while, through GPU upgrades, so you won't regret it down the road. You'll only wish you had a 4K ultrawide! I know I do.
  7. Hi, I had a similar problem with v3 a while back, and after Googling I found some discussion about certain newer Nvidia graphics driver versions causing this problem. I ended up rolling back my driver to a version someone recommended and it actually solved the problem. If you're going to keep using v3 I suggest looking into that. Not guaranteed, obviously, but worth a try. This might've been the thread: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=123508 -R
  8. I tried to fly the Lear 35 in v4 yesterday and, as previously noted, some (most?) cockpit sounds were missing. Strangely, I also couldn't get the autopilot switches to stay "on" when clicking on them with the mouse. They would momentarily light up and depress when clicked, then immediately turn off. The main AP engage switch had the same behaviour when clicked with the mouse, but when I used my yoke button to engage the AP it stayed on. Very weird. Anyone else have any trouble with the Lear 35 autopilot in v4?
  9. In my brief testing I found 3D Vegetation (SpeedTrees) and Dynamic Reflections caused noticeable FPS drops.
  10. I was flying the Extra 300. Obviously not a sophisticated aircraft, but I was only trying to say that it was awesome to not have to worry about OOMs with terrain and scenery options cranked up :) The city actually looks like a city with everything maxed. Performance was great too (I have a non-overclocked 4670K and 16GB RAM), but we will see about that once scenery is installed, a more complex aircraft is used, and traffic is turned on .
  11. Same settings (and FXAA turned off) are working great for me, too. Also running a GTX 1080 at 4K.
  12. Same here. I flew around TO last night with all Terrain and Scenery Options sliders maxed, clouds maxed, very high shadows, in 4K, and it was awesome!
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