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  1. Is the first joystick, you mentioned, a Logitech 3D Pro by chance? If so, did you install their gaming software?
  2. My bad, I misread your post. Does windows or any other games recognize your joystick?
  3. When the game loads up on the opening screen, right click & check the bottom of the menu that pops up.. If mouse yoke has a check mark, deselect it & you should get back control of your joystick. Cheers....
  4. This was taken directly from ADEs' website. Cheers....
  5. Glad to hear you got it sorted out....
  6. Bob, To convert a flyable plane, just place a 0 (zero) after panel= and you will now have an AI aircraft. As for the texture, that would have to be created for the default Dash 8. If it was made for a third party or payware model it will not display properly. You will have to find the model it was made for. Hope this helps...….
  7. Thank you very much. With a little manipulating of the links, I was able to get most of the files. Ten (10) of them anyway. It appears that these four files are no longer in the library: 80588, 80601, 80603 & 99560 - at least that is the message returned by the library. This should be enough. I can always tweak some of them, if need be. I really appreciate your assistance with this problem. Enjoy the holidays.....….
  8. Here is some additional info to assist your quest. The author of the models is Charles Dayhuff , plus he did some of the repaints. There are numerous other authors of the repaints listed. His website is located at http://www.ai-malcontent.com/Welcome.html which appears to be closed. hope this helps.....
  9. The only filenames that I have are for the two aircraft. { aim_erj145xr.zip - DLID=143377 & aim_erj145.zip - DLID=143388 } The filename is revealed only when you connect with the file on the library page. These is the list of download IDs' that I tried to access: 80586, 80587, 80588, 80601, 80603, 99560, 143391, 143449, 144826, 144827, 144828, 144839, 144858 & 144861. This is the link as it appears in IE: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fs2004acrp&DLID=143391 This is what is displayed on the library page: Searching for: Download ID = 143391 in Flight Simulator 2004 - Aircraft Repaints, Textures and Modifications and below. No more items in category Hope this helps...….
  10. Last week I downloaded 2 aircraft by AI Malcontent from the library. Later I tried to download some repaints for the a/c. The external links from their site appears to be broken. Using the advances search I tried to access the files with the DLID without any success from those links. Then I tried to find the files by author & that did not work. The a/c were the Embraer ERJ 145 & 145XR Sending an e-mail to the library has not shed any light on the problem. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated...…..
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