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  1. P3D v4.4 QOTSII v3.00.9195 I was not sure that is an issue, in the first post i was asking if its an intended clickspot or not. Anyway, i follow your suggestion and i'll submit a ticket. Alessio
  2. Ok thanks for claryfing this! I-m used to fly with the NGX and here the stb alt always report the same alt of the PFD. Amazing to see that PMDG has simulated this unprecision of the stby altimeters!
  3. Hello, i found that the analog stby altimeter is not synched with the PFD altitude values. I was cruising at FL370 and my stby altimeter was reading about 37120ft. I'll report here just in case you didn't know about it. Here's a screenshot:
  4. Hey all, I've just found that if the autobrake is in the main panel there is a phantom clickspot in the pedestal near the brake accumulator gauge. Is this intended like the screw clickspot for TOGA? Thanks Alessio
  5. Hello, after the last update, i've found that the cold and dark panel state for some versions of the 744 is not correctly configured. Both clocks are on run, IRS and AIR DATA knobs are on C position INBD CRT is on PFD (but dispalys as NORM) Here is a screenshot
  6. Thanks for your work! Below there are the pictures of this "issue": Pressed IN: Normal Position:
  7. Yes i run it as admin and i've the latest version of 737. I've also disabled UAC.
  8. Hello, i've just noticed that using the SOP3, during the station setup, turns on TERR and ARPT on the EFIS pannel, but the ARPT button remain pressed in. Not a big problem but i'll report just to make devs aware of this.
  9. Hello everybody, i was just doing a short flight from London Luton to Dublin. 70nm from TOD i was preparing the CDU for descending. Inserting the STAR. I seletced before the runway, later i selected the STAR, pressin EXEC my sim crashed instantly. This is the error from Windows Events Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 x64 Addons: PMDG 737NGX, GSX, ASN:SE, UK2000 EGGW Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Ok thanks for the explanation. I've already bought p3d v4 but i've still few addons so meanwhile i re-purchase all the stuff back ill keep flying with fsx:se.
  11. That's pretty strange because the last time i had an OOM error in FSX the message was saying something like this: "Your computer has run out of available memory. Please restart your Flight Simulator..............." This crash was simply a "FSX stopped resonding" And also the last VAS available (showed using FSUIPC log) was about 1GB left. Maybe i can be wrong that the cause is something else? Thanks for the response
  12. Hello, just now i suffered an unexpcted crash with FSXSE. I tookoff about 7hrs ago from OMDB (Flytampa scenery), flying with my PMDG Triple 7 on ivao. Few seconds ago i've just landed at EHAM (Flytampa scenery), vacated runway, i crashed. That wasnt an OOM error since my vas monitor freezed after crash at avg 1Gb remaining. This is the log: Thanks for any help!
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