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  1. Is there a torque limiter available for this mod like the GTX mod? I have been putting a lot of hours on the C90 since using this mod but take-offs are far from realistic with the torque lag problems in P3D
  2. Thank you for the response. I'm probably no the best for a before and after comparison as I purchased the Carenado model and did not fly more than an hour with it before I was frustrated and gave up. Having time flying the actual aircraft can be a curse when you open up the simulator and start noticing how much Carenado screwed up. But I do have to say that you have made a great mod here and I am actually able to enjoy flying the C90B now. Doing another flight now and will see if I can replicate the EFIS issue but as long as a simple power recycle fixes it, not much of a concern here IMHO.
  3. Currently flying the C90 with the -135 installed from KBNA to KAND. Only one thing that may be worth looking at. The torque seems to be slow to respond in comparison to what I have seen flying C90As. Granted, I do not have time behind the -135 engines but just stock older King Airs so it is quite possible this is how the -135s act. Other than that very minor detail, no defects noted! Thank you for your time you have put into this. It is easy to see that a lot of hard work went into it. EDIT: On the way back from KAND to KBNA we had an EFIS failure which was corrected by recycling the EFIS Power selector. If these are failures you have modeled in, THANK YOU! Put me on my toes for a minute since I knew I was about to descend into IMC for the approach.
  4. Here is yours in the sim and the spinner looks great! I guess I just assumed the spinner would be chrome stock out of the paint kit and didn't realize I had to actually paint it myself to get the chrome on it. Again I appreciate all the help y'all. (Off to the paint booth I go.......) EDIT: and yes the 172 in the background is another one of my paint projects
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jw1g63226rnorgy/c182_t_N118GS.psd?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/sib0atkhqwnuldm/c182_s_N118GS.psd?dl=0
  6. Thanks for all the input y’all. When I get home from work tonight I will attach my PSD files for the texture and spec. I am assuming now I am doing something wrong in PS as I have duplicated what y’all have said to do here with the file as far as converting it to a DDS with DXTBMP and the same results are coming up. I have not tried the Nvidia plug-in as I read that it does not work with Photoshop CC so I haven’t even downloaded it.
  7. Mine has been but for troubleshooting I saved the PSD as a TGA and another one as a BMP. I started with the TGA, opened it in DXTBMP, flipped image and alpha, saved as DDS, then tried it in the sim. Still grey spinner. Then tried the same with the BMP and same results.
  8. I am away from my computer now but from my recollection, I opened the psd in dxtbmp, flipped it, and then saved as a dds. I cannot remember what the selection after dds but I know there were some that said no aplha and I did not select those. I can can tell you more when I get back home.
  9. Well I put a request in the forum for some N number changes on the A2A birds but decided to give it a shot myself. I started out with Gimp but I decided to get the latest PhotoShop instead to finish it out. I am using Photoshop and dxtbmp for these paints if it matters to answer my question. Thank you to scottb613 for helping me get this far. I have changed the N number and have been able to successfully get the paint into P3Dv3 but the spinner is a matte grey instead of chrome. How do I go about fixing this or just painting it to a certain color if I can't have the chrome look back?
  10. Thanks but I have tried. I attempted to make a blue and yellow of N118GS a while back but I can’t figure out the alpha or spec layers no matter how many videos I watch on YT. I can get paint on one but when I am done the tires and spinner are matte grey and no shine on my new paint.
  11. If anybody has time, I would like a few N number changes on the A2A 172 & 182. C182 stock paint N6182G to N118GS and N182CV C172 stock paint N7274H to N9365H, N172CV, and N7911X. One or all or anything in between would be greatly appreciated. I am running P3Dv3 with some v4 if that matters here. Thank you!
  12. Anybody with an answer to this one? Just recently picked up the AC11 since I'm flying one in RL also and would love to add the 650 to it.
  13. Can't wait to give it a shot. Thanks!
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