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  1. Senchai

    Metal...PBR style

    Steve. Thanks for the livery. But i cannot seem to get it to work. The loadmanager doesnt seem to add it the way it should. I saw that you have all files in the texture folder but the other liveries have the XXXairframe.cfg outside there. I tried this manually but this also fails. Now it adds it to the loadmanager but it will never show up in the Sim. Can you please doublecheck the folder structure in the latest version? If i do it manually over cfg file it probably get trouble with mainetenance again.
  2. Confirmed. No rain on 744. Loaded same weather in 744 and 748. 744 has no rain, 748 has rain. 4.4 win 1809 nvidia 417.13 RTX 2080
  3. Senchai

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Exactly my feelings. XP guys need to grow up. Its rare that someone that prefers P3D brings the same childish talk in discussions as XP ppl do. Theres little chance a P3D person writes stupid things noone cares about below vids but for some reason the XP ppl do that all the time. They even fight each other inside in small wars. Treshhold user against the others, XEnviro aganst ActiveSky users and these party against others. Its so stupid... I have both sims, spent big money on both and cannot see how this stupid war can contunie that long and why not everyone can accept others feelings here. Really. Can you not leave the ppl alone that made their choice of the 2? I always read like "i left p3d behind and never looked back". Well, nice you do. I have so much more fun in my p3d as i have in xp, so what? And now? Where does us lead this discussion into? We dont play a soccer goal. I see the survey a bit off too. I cannot see that reflected anywhere in the FS world in fact. There is for sure a trend that goes positive for XP but in what world the 2 sims should be on same level is beyond be. And maybe users yes but how many users are there who only like freeware? You have to count them all out. They wont spend a dime. Maybe ask shops like Simmarket where the major money is spent, in XP or FSX/P3D. Also i think that XP guys like to see things where they not are 🙂 Sorry. If you look at that survey you see that ppl clearly favor P3D and the FSX world, despite having same or growing numbers in users.
  4. Senchai

    Black Flashes P3D v4.2

    Ok but what is the reason for this and how can it happen that it gets introduced for ppl in different windows versions? Just saw this topic now. We have the same problem now after 1809 update. Never had it before.
  5. I have the same problem but only in one certain area. That is Oregon from the US Orthoproject. But here it is a 100% thing. I monitored my Ram and yes, its that that gets full, not the VRAM. The thing is that nothing here i see different as in other areas. Sure, i use US Orthoproject but i use that in the rest of US too and in EU i even use some higher ZL ortho and t works just fine. For example Spain, i use up to ZL 19 in some parts and have never OOM. But as soon i near Oregon from USOrthoproject i see how the sim gets more and more laggy, resulting in an OOM at one point. I deleted all the areas out of there, went from HDMesh 4 to 3, nothing helps. Ive seen one day something that some sceneries can cause memory leaks, how can i search for the problem here?
  6. I dont argue with your wishes. But better tell them that maybe in the official forum 🙂 Doesnt have to test much more, its a visual cloud replacement atm that is based on XP11 cloudpuff system. Thats the reason you can choose any cloud you want with it if that one is a replacement that replaces XP clouds. Visual enhancements that add things that are not already in come with an extra product like ASCA, or at later versions. At least thats what they announced if i read that right. Same here but seems he doesnt want to change the planner (not that i dont understand it). Probably it a good idea but like mentioned, things like this you have to suggest them in the right place. The other way around would be that PlanG makes an ASXP integration 🙂 Like littlenavmap did or like Simbrief did. But thats nothing i can tell you who should do what. Ijust know that there is an ASXP API out there that devs can use to do things for ASXP. ASP loads flightplans in standard XP format. FMS that is.
  7. @Paraffin read last topic from me. this is possible here. i cannot say much about gplan but i can say that simbrief xp format works fine to load flightplans. I did many many flights and only saw it fail when the AIRAC is not the same. Also qSimplanner works. And you SHOULD use flightplans. That makes sure the weather is more defined on the flightpath. If ASXP doesnt know where you fly it will do something else as when it knows. Thats why it is important to load a flightplan.
  8. you can create weather areas to you liking. Either by meatr or my other means. RIghtclick on the map near the area you want to modify and set the weather to your liking. In Custom Weather mode that is. You get many options there, have a look Here a few pics from last flight. Again same setup. ASXP clouds (highres) + xVision ImpressiveForLUA
  9. In short, yes. Its all you need. A product like ASCA will follow. But already the current version has some form of texture replacement that changes the standard XP clouds into either highres ASXP or lowres ASXP clouds. But you dont even have to install those ones if you dont want. YOu could use it with standard XP clouds too. Like in P3D.
  10. @Paraffin🙂 I did run into this one personally too yes and its already reported. I hope it will be fixed soon. What you can do is go into your tasklist (ctrl + alt + del) and manually kill the process. Then ASXP will start up normally. What windows version you run onto? Im on 1809. You can find that by rightclicking the windows symbol left down your desktop and go to system. There its down at the bottom. Can you also please report this to the supportforum? So its in the right place.
  11. Senchai

    P3D 4.4 & 8i: Smooooth

    I agree, it feels pretty smooth in 4.4 May be placebo but i cannot remember having a big difference from lets say the 777 to the 748 on 4.3. But somehow now there is actually a quite noticeable difference. Maybe not directly in the fps but the microstutters seem to be less now. And if you meant with "Smooth" that there are no problems i have to agree too ^^. Didnt see some so far. But yeah, placebo is real with this often...Anyway its still my favorite in whole P3D world. Glad you enjoy it too. And yes, VHHH works as you can see. Not all v3 scenery though. Or at least not fault free. As others have mentioned already, try VHHX 🙂 Its not active anymore irl but i can guarantee you a worthy scenery here. This one is really nice. One can see the age a bit here and there but its actually full v4, with dynamic lights and that. And you will be really exited on this approach. Probably you know it already but Kai Tak was the one that leads directly into the heart of Hong.Kong. Very very crazy approach. And only a few pilots were allowed. Better said one needed training to fly there. have fun^^
  12. If youve got any question feel free to let me know. I saw there are are quite some misunderstandings how ASXP works and what it does. Streams the first days before release does NOT show the latest product too and sadly i have to say that some of them did not read the manual. There is stated how one has to configure XP11 to use it in one of the 2 weather modes of ASXP and this is very important for correct function of ASXP. Im in no way affiliated with HifiSim besides beeing a tester, usually im a mainly P3D user and i can say one thing: This ASXP does finally make me feel home (i think someone else said the same here already). Of course it wont offer P3D weather but it is a very good step in this direction. And please take into account that Hifi is new in the XP world. AS4/AS16 did not start as the product it is today too. Also one has to keep in mind that also in P3D one does NOT get a visual replacement of clouds. That is ASCA. A standalone product. I have XP now for quite a while too, collected over 4 or 5 TB of ortho and bought nearly every weather addon there was out there. Still i always had the feeling that every flight looks same. Same clouds, same greyness, same everything. Or in case of another famous addon, introducing visual bugs that are not bearable. FINALLY we (at least me) got the first step into this direction where this changes. You can use nearly everything in regards to visual enhacments, besides xenviro. You may feel free to use it with xVisions clouds too. Or only install a xvision preset but decheck the clouds (example xvision ImpressiveForLUA preset). Or use it with standard clouds. Or with lua scripts that enhance clouds. And yes, also with Ultimate Weather. Atm i think only xenviro is not compatible because it implemented a fully own weather system. Myself tested various addons during the testing phase, everything worked fine. Atm im using (really) the original ASXP highres clouds though, they are actually really nice. Before that i used xvision clouds. And before that xenviro. And before that Ulra weather... and beafre that... and before that... Some pics. What you see here is ASXP highres clouds, ASXP, + xVision ImpressiveForLUA preset (with de-checked clouds in settings).
  13. Senchai

    Ingame Vsync vs NVI Vsync

    1/2 refresh works in P3D as well. Its actually quite a difference. May depend on monitor. Im using a 60hz Monitor, if i dont use 1/2 refresh (with 2 pre-rendered pics) i get stutters. I mean microstutters. The one everyone knows. I would suggest using the half resfresh BUT dont use Nvidia-inspector to lock. Use P3D instead to go 30 fps. Why? Because the 2 things are actually quite different. Locking in Nvidia inspector to a certain framerate will most likely lower your GPU power directly. If you try a benchmark you may get lower results and land in a lower spot in the list as without lock. And this is visible in P3D by tesselation. This is used on the GPU. And as it looks this lock will interfer at least how P3D works with this tesselation. While locking inside P3D does different things. As far i know it changes the internal way for the terrain loading/calculations and that. How much CPU time there is. Im not sure anymore since this may change in the versions of P3D. My system is 1070 MSI Aero ITX 7700K Asus Prime Z270K 16 GB Infinieon Ballistrix Sport Ram Windows 10 Pro 60 HZ monitor If someone has a comparable system he may try it. Do tests (please in same plane, with exact same weather, same daytime) in a mountainous terrain, best an area like regional ORBX scenery (like ORBX South Alaska, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains etc). A Do one test where you lock to 30 fps in nvidia inspector B Do one test where you lock only in P3D to 30 fps, no sync C Do one test where you run fully unlocked, in both nvidia inspector & p3d, no half refresh rate, no vsync, nothing D Do one test where you do as i suggested (only if having 60 hz Monitor, otherwise you need other values) At least for me, with my settings and the other ppl i told to try (we made quite a few tests with this) it was always the same outcome: A = hills get way less detail, textures more blurred ( in longer flights very blurry), autogen LOD is decerased in heavy areas, cities and the like. B = terrain will look very nice, higher autogen LOD but heavy microstutters C = hills get less detail, textures more blurred ( i dont mean really blurries), autogen LOD is decreased in heavy areas, cities and the like. But it should still behave good enough. Highest FPS here and medium microstutters. D = Terrain will look nice because of the P3D lock (same setting as B) while microstutters are reduced nearly fully. I (nor anyone else i know) understood this fully yet and my results may not be true for everyone. But this is basically tested many many times on various systems. it should be something like that. maybe some ppl like @Steve B can comment (i hope i didnt tag the wrong one now... sorry if so. Im not here often but i know there is a Steve here who knows quite a bit about P3D ^^) Btw, im not really asking ppl to test here.... But if you dont believe it you may try it 🙂 I think this was tested quite a few times around the whole flightsim world and is a real problem of P3D. In one way i like this because it means every system can find the right settings, small or big pc. But it may take a while to find it... maybe too long for some and they decide to go to XP where the whole sync thing is way less a problem. But that one has others, so yeah... not wanting to start an p3d vs xp discussion now. PS: i wrote this in hurry... please excuse typos
  14. Senchai

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    There is a problem that leads to sound sounding "wrong". Wrong pitch when changing cameras and these things. This fixes that. For some.
  15. Senchai

    Sparse/slow autogen loading in P3Dv4

    Because it is true in 98% of cases. People dont understand that P3D is NOT a static thing like games or XP. The terrain here gets calculated to some extent and if you set your settings too high this formula will brake. You have to set your settings LOWER to achieve more in this case. This can mean that blurries get crisp suddenly by LOWERING certain settings. Because only now the system is able to load all that it get fed with. And it can also mean that LOWERING autogen settings can actually increase the amount and range. If your sim is overloaded you can set high as you want and it will never look better. If this is understood one can try to find his setting, starting from the lowest point upwards. And never forget that there are uncountable cases where LM cannot do anything about it when ppl have so many background tasks running that the CPU simply has no place to do P3D anymore or they dont care about their pc anything, never update windows and then rant about how bad things run. This is sadly the fact and in most cases its this people who have "blurries". Im in no way saying that anyone in this topic is like that, i didnt read it. Alone the comment made me say this. Then, in some pics up there is far more amiss as just slow autogen loading. There is some autogen behind the missing part, something that usually would not really happen if its not higher prio autogen like some buildings in bigger cities. Sure that there are no tweaks done, like FFTF or autogenbatchlod or something. Then as someone else said, locking fps helps a lot for this. Also it helps (for whatever reason) if you let the plane fly in outside cam (p3d, not chaseplane, to be sure), zoomed out. Every pc will get problems with autogen loading if he has an overloaded sim, running unlocked fps, flying in a jet or slewing around the scenery. Remember last thing please, never slew when testing this. Try lowering the settings, all of them, lock fps, and fly with around 300 ktn in outside cam and see if it stops loading autogen. Especially when the system is on the lower minimum required specs. Dont forget that even ppl with highend systems cannot raise all those settings so if you are on the low end you will need every trick out there. You cannot let the sim run open and wonder why it wont work. I think its understandable that LM tries to collect those things in one topic. Usually its most often the same problems. There was one time a problem with GSX lv2 that causes major blurries and if you have scenery with problems/corruption or the corruptions in the scenery library then the same things can happen. If the Sim and system is perfectly installed and the system high enough for P3D with set settings it WILL have autogen, even after a 20h flight. I do that all day with mine and its not a highendsystem. I cannot remember ever seeing no autogen on an arrival after even 14h. And thats not only me, i see many sims in our community and usually this things can always be fixed to have the same outcome.