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  1. Small update. I thought that had something to do with the fact, that I've recently changed my account settings to regular user (not an admin). So I reverted that and made my user admin again, uninstalled P2A (and wiped C:\PILOT2ATC to be sure), then reinstalled and updated navdata with NavDataPro. The problem persists.
  2. I've installed P2A and updated navdata with NavDataPro cycle 1706. P2A refuses to open the database and shows the following error: "Unable to initialize Database. The underlying provider failed to Open. Cannot open database: C:\PILOT2ATC_200\DATA\P2ADYNAMICDATA.MDF requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'DesktopPC\Paweł'. Any ideas?
  3. stolowski

    Unhandled Exception

    Dave, this looks really really fishy... No sane API would produce such an exception unless something is wrong somewhere within the program itself. I'm a professional programmer myself and this looks like actual programmer's error to me. I googled for this kind of exception and found several possible explanations, most of which revolved around doing graphics-related operations in threads, when given operation is not thread-safe (one such example was Bitmap-related). Also, in general, doing any UI-related operations in non-UI thread was pointed as a culprit. And of course we don't see it all the time with Pilot2ATC, because that's the nature of threading-related issues or race conditions... Any chance you can look at the issue from this perspective? I experienced this exception one or two times too (I think I sent it over to you the other day, not 100% sure as it was one of a few other issues I reported).