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  1. I definitely agree that WIndows 11 SUCKS when flight simming in FSX! I have a fairly powerful gaming PC. Ryzen 7, 3700X with 64Gb RAM, GTX1060Ti video card and massive paging file for extra umph. I also have a Dell Inspiron with an Intel i7 with 32Gb of RAM, GT1030 and large paging file, which is not qualified for Windows 11. I installed Windows 11 on the gaming box. FSX performed like I was on a 486 with 8Mbs of Ram and a video incorporated on the MB. I followed all of M$ help instructions to make WIndows 11 perform better. I kept running out of system memory and CTD. I reverted back to Windows 10 on the gaming box and installed Orbx high end scenery and maxed out my video slides in FSX. I am running between 50 and 100+ FPS consistently. I am not going to be switching to Windows 11 until absolutely forced to do so. Lee
  2. I had to reset the password on my account, again, and it finally let me access the library. Mute issue for now. Lee
  3. I am getting similar errors. I am signed in and my username appears as logged in on upper right corner of the home page. I click the library tab and it takes me to a login page. I have to re-log in except it says my username and/or password are incorrect. I am unable to access the library as a logged in AVSIM user and download anything. Lee
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