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  1. Desktops are so much better for gaming.
  2. Is it better than trackir?
  3. FernandoDiniz

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    Welcome back
  4. FernandoDiniz

    Hello all you beautiful people

    Good luck!
  5. FernandoDiniz

    Greetings from Belgium

    Welcome from Brazil!
  6. FernandoDiniz

    Hello from LICR

  7. Mine worked, yours didnt. So I would pick my solution over yours. Take care.
  8. i complete reinstalled the game and addons and the problem is gone now. Thanks Jim amd Joel!
  9. It was already off Jim. My taxiways are ok Joel, its only the runway side white lines. The DSR seemed to soften it just a little bit, so i guess the problem is from another source. Thanks!
  10. It didnt work in my case. It seems to affect only the runway. Everything else looks great.
  11. Your problem was in everywhere or just the runway ? Anyway, thansks for the tip, im gonna try it!
  12. Good Night. I have fsx se with REx 4 texture (orbx, vector...) direct installed + Directx 10 and Steves Fix. My options on the D10 Controller and Nvidia Inspector are 8x and 8 sssg. My GPU is NVIDIA Gigabyte G1 gaming 1070. Those runway lines keep moving all the time, so it really catches my attention. Does it have a solution ? Thank you very much